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Are You An Alcoholic?

I was never an alcoholic back when I was a teenager. I guess it just didn't get into my nerves at all. I occasionally drink but knows when to say NO when I had to stop. Most often than not, I assign myself to be on guard to my friends who gets drunk most of the time. I am not sure when I learned to take that kind of responsibility even if not asked.

It was very recent when my childhood friends and I got the chance to meet up at one of our friend's house. We were served with a light alcoholic drink and since I came there with both my kids, I only had 2 bottles. I know that's enough for me. It is somehow saddening that based on this chart, there are really a lot of alcohol drinkers in the US and I am pretty sure that the stats would have been so high if it was done worldwide. Anyways, I wouldn't like to see my kids to be regulars in terms of alcohol intake. Besides it being bad to our health, it has become bad to the character too. Occasional drinking is definitely fine.


Marie December 21, 2011 at 6:42 AM  

I don't drink alcoholic drinks. Sana may data din sa Pinas like this para malaman natin kung ilang porsyento ba ang umiinom ng alak.


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