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It's A Guy Thing

Hubby's been spending his time off either playing online RPG games, if not, sleeping. It recently surprised me when I saw him opened our default browser and started reading used car reviews online. It gave me a little excitement which made me sit beside him and read too. He then mentioned that cars are a guy's thing.

I may not agree with him a hundred percent but I do not find interest in cars if we talk about it as a machine. I am more interested in how it looks like, the color, and in its purpose. I am even dreaming of enrolling myself in a driving school. I plan to learn how to drive and be able to buy even a used car for the family. I guess the reason behind is I have never learned how to drive hubby's motorcycle for I find it too heavy for the petite me.

My husband's sudden interest made me browse for photos of cars. I even created a board of nice and interesting cars via Pinterest. I have read a few information about family cars, so as browsed comparisons of brand new and used cars ( in terms of quality & pricing of course!). After I saw a used small Peugeot 206 photo from an online marketplace, I already know this particular style suits my taste. A super mini car that fits a mommy in style. I found out that Peugeot 206 was originally launched as a hatchback. Five door cars really catches my interest as I always see the feature to be very useful for travels. And since this particular car is small, a gal like me can always use it and consider it as "a girl thing" too.


Anonymous December 16, 2011 at 6:19 AM  

Mareng Irish is a car expert believe me! :) same here mare,I want to enroll din in a driving school although may alam na ako,I need more confidence! :>


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