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6 weeks

I'm so thankful! 

I had my first ultrasound yesterday, hubby accompanied me. There we were able to confirm that I'm indeed 6 weeks preggy. Little baby is yet so tiny at 0.6cm but most importantly is he/she already have a heartbeat at 160 b/min. I was lost in counting 'coz supposedly, the count should be almost 8 wks but I was wrong. Ate Keanna is so excited to see the "picture" of the baby in the sonography report. CUTE daw hehe!

Anyways, I'm just so thankful that I had to blog about it again. I already feel the presence in me. I don;t crave anything in particular but I am so matakaw and always dizzy. Hubby is the one that feels sleepy most of the time though haha!

Friends, please join me in my prayers for a happy, healthy &safe pregnancy and delivery too. 


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