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Holidays With Friends

I can say that I have been so blessed to have a happy childhood and so as gained many friends too. The memories and experiences we've all shared are definitely worth looking back. We all can't help but feel nostalgic during the holidays, right? 

Here are 5 old photos with friends. Go ahead and look for me, if you can. =)

 Thess, Stef, Jo, Dylin, Jojo (RIP) and Lyn

 At Eternal Gardens in QC
 Cristina, Lyn, Mina, Jo, Stef, Amphy and Vincent

And now, here are our latest photos together. We had a small get together last December 17 at Jo's place and it was really fun. Ate Dylin who we believed to be in Hong Kong surprised us by her presence. We had a chance to look back at past. Our craziness & childish ways before are now things that we can laugh about. Each of us has something to share and shared. Our thoughts and experiences are always considered as a "learning" to each one of us. I truly treasure my childhood friends. I wouldn't go on the details but time and chances have tested us. For me, our friendship is spelled F-O-R-E-V-E-R!

 Me, Jo and Cristina
 Nica, Amphy, Jo and Cristina
Chad and Stef
 Group shot 

We will have another get together soon. And, I am really looking forward to it. Happy holidays everyone!


First Death Anniversary

It was also December last year when my mama bid her farewell and joined our creator in heaven. Last Thursday, we visited her grave and reminisced how wonderful she was for all us. Both my daughters, 5 of my cousins and Mama's 3 sisters were with me as we pay tribute to our beloved, Salvacion. I showed them the AVP I made for Mama months ago. In it were old photos and it brought back memories and laughter too.

I may miss Mama a lot but life has to move on. I always tell and remind myself to be strong for my kids. I always mention that I want to be like Mama, in many ways. I regret not to have fulfilled some her dreams for the family but I can still do it for my kids.

We were there until past 6PM. It was nice to have been able to bond with people closest to your heart. There were more photos from the other camera brought by my cousin Divine.


Are You An Alcoholic?

I was never an alcoholic back when I was a teenager. I guess it just didn't get into my nerves at all. I occasionally drink but knows when to say NO when I had to stop. Most often than not, I assign myself to be on guard to my friends who gets drunk most of the time. I am not sure when I learned to take that kind of responsibility even if not asked.

It was very recent when my childhood friends and I got the chance to meet up at one of our friend's house. We were served with a light alcoholic drink and since I came there with both my kids, I only had 2 bottles. I know that's enough for me. It is somehow saddening that based on this chart, there are really a lot of alcohol drinkers in the US and I am pretty sure that the stats would have been so high if it was done worldwide. Anyways, I wouldn't like to see my kids to be regulars in terms of alcohol intake. Besides it being bad to our health, it has become bad to the character too. Occasional drinking is definitely fine.


Couple's Time: Dating

It is hubby's birthday today but I have not prepared anything special yet. He got so busy with work that we never get to have couple's time anymore. No more dating. Quite disappointing indeed. But, I make it a point to initiate intimate talks, cuddles and even invitation to at least go out together as a couple. It has been a while since the last time we went on a date. I was never an envious person but feel a little envy for those who  really take time to set time for their partners. Alright, it's his birthday and I shouldn't be feeling this way. I will make it a point to cook spaghetti or Carbonara instead. The latter has become his favorite and I am proud that it's because of my recipe. =)

Anyways, I have a friend who is now happily dating someone she met. He was introduced by their common friend. I am happy for her now that she's find herself someone to be with. She's searched for companionship for sometime and have experienced heartaches and gone through the dramas of it too. When she was back to her feet and composed, she's tried online dating but didn't succeed. I was one of those who reminded her that love is not something you have to chase, for it will come in its perfect timing. I truly wish that perfect time for her is now and the perfect guy is him.

Speaking of online dating site, I have never really explored the sites available out there simply because I am not seeking for myself at all. I have even heard and read that there are sites that offer dating for parents. I just realized that it is true that when the advent of online dating came, it somehow became a phenomenon. Some find their special someone in the comfort of their home, online! There are pros and cons of course just like in everything. One of the benefits is time saving. Instead of having to meet and go out with a dozen of people, you will be able to browse and peruse profiles from the dating site in just a matter of few clicks. Since you get to choose whose profiles to go through and review, you also get to pick who to chat with or talk to. Another good thing about it is you get to connect or be with the people that shares the same interests you have. It somehow makes meeting people a lot easier. Some can also be choosy about who you date like this year Xfactor winners Little Mix. Besides, one can stay anonymous until you find who really interests you.

Along with these positive sides of dating sites comes the negative side too. There could be more cons than the pros actually.

* First, men can always lie about their marital status. Since a person can be anonymous, you really cannot tell whether the information given in someone's profile is the truth.
* Some online dating sites would require you to shell out a good amount of money before you can even reply to a profile.
* It promotes in an indirect way of antisocial behavior because you aren't physically together to build a healthy social relationship. You do everything inside the walls of your home.
* You are bound to risk meeting a possible weirdo, pervert or someone dangerous. To avoid this, one should be strictly careful.

So, whether you would like to try online dating or not, being cautious is still very important. This post may have not enumerated everything to know about online dating sites but I am hoping that I was able to impart something for you to think about. Just remember - "All that glitters is not gold".

Now, let me go ahead. I'll have to park the mouse and rest the keyboard... will start to prepare for my own date. =)


Grammar Police: The Write Way

Now, these are just few of the words we misuse, I am definite that there are more that can be added in the list. No, I am not the grammar police. I am no perfect in grammar too. I just feel the need to have this shown to serve as a reminder to myself, to other bloggers and my readers as well. If we speak almost perfect English then let's not be a victim, write the right way!


It's A Guy Thing

Hubby's been spending his time off either playing online RPG games, if not, sleeping. It recently surprised me when I saw him opened our default browser and started reading used car reviews online. It gave me a little excitement which made me sit beside him and read too. He then mentioned that cars are a guy's thing.

I may not agree with him a hundred percent but I do not find interest in cars if we talk about it as a machine. I am more interested in how it looks like, the color, and in its purpose. I am even dreaming of enrolling myself in a driving school. I plan to learn how to drive and be able to buy even a used car for the family. I guess the reason behind is I have never learned how to drive hubby's motorcycle for I find it too heavy for the petite me.

My husband's sudden interest made me browse for photos of cars. I even created a board of nice and interesting cars via Pinterest. I have read a few information about family cars, so as browsed comparisons of brand new and used cars ( in terms of quality & pricing of course!). After I saw a used small Peugeot 206 photo from an online marketplace, I already know this particular style suits my taste. A super mini car that fits a mommy in style. I found out that Peugeot 206 was originally launched as a hatchback. Five door cars really catches my interest as I always see the feature to be very useful for travels. And since this particular car is small, a gal like me can always use it and consider it as "a girl thing" too.


What To Give Him or Her?

The Christmas countdown has started and gift giving is everywhere. Many people have their shopping list on hand and some have already wrapped their presents. Let us face it; this season is not just for kids. Christmas is for everyone. That is the reason why there are parties and exchange gifts. There are even themed gift giving. We normally prepare for something sweet, funny, naughty and sometimes we are required to bring a combination of something small and sexy. I am sure there’s a lot to find of these at Ann Summers . When you come across these themed exchange gifts (where food is not allowed), what do you give him or her?

Something Sweet
For Her
Stuffed Toys – These cuddly stuffed toys are considered sweet the fact the the toy itself somehow represents you as the giver. The receiver can hug and comfort you anytime.
Body Spray/Body Mist – Now these comes in different sizes and scents. Most of the bestseller scents are the sweet ones. Those that has fruity scents are a good choice too.
For Him
Car Perfume – Your guy would definitely appreciate the sweet thought of having a new car perfume. Something that will make him feel manly and fresh all the time even when caught in a heavy traffic.
Statement Shirt – Give your guy a statement shirt that says: “I’m a sweet BF” , “Sweetest Hubby Ever!” or “Proud to be a sweet DAD”.

Something Small and Sexy
For Her
Earrings – a pair of affordable but pretty earrings will be a very good idea for this particular theme. It is undeniably small but adds an appeal of sexiness to every woman.
Stockings or Sexy Lingerie - Black stockings are not big but so sexy when worn under a mini skirt. A sexy lingerie - a brassiere perhaps will be a perfect match to it too.

For Him
Sexy DVD movie – A movie that will excite the man will be perfect for this category. And if you got invited to see the movie with him, don't forget to bring some chips and dips.
Shaving Set – Who wouldn’t be happy to see a sexy newly shaved man?

Something Naughty
For Her
Lust Dust – Something naughty and unusual. I saw one from the net and it even said that the “magical power” of the powdery dust is true.
Do Not Disturb Glow in the dark door sign – Very simple but if it has a sexy photo in it, then it will simply ensure a little privacy or intimacy. Knock before you enter!
For Him
Adult Toys from Ann Summers - this is no doubt naughty, right? This particular theme is just easy if you are to give it to a guy.
Foreplay Timer – I did not know there is something like this but believes that this one is a bright idea for newly weds.
I just realized that naughty could be funny too and that some gifts can be categorized to different themes. Well, no matter what theme there is, the real essence is the fun and good act of giving whether you get something in return or not.
Have fun and happy holidays everyone!

Photo from Getty Images.



"Chance made them Sisters, hearts made them friends."
These girls bring so much courage and inspiration to me.
I am but one blessed Mom.

Oh! They aren't twins.


Christmas Shopping List #1: Kids' Clothes

Almost everyone has their Christmas shopping list and of course, for a Mom, kids' clothes will not be off that special list. Buying clothes for the kids can be a mix of delight and excitement for babies and toddlers but can also be a challenge for the tween and teens.

Planning and making a list before heading to the department store is one key to save - time and money of course! Now that I have two kids, I will have to drop by on different clothing sections. Aside from looking for the correct children's clothing sizes , a wise buyer has to consider the cost and quality too just like what's available at The White Company. We have to keep in mind that kids especially babies grow fast, so it is best to always get the next bigger size there is. Also, it is never a sin to get clothes that are on bargain whether online or directly from the clothing store.

I make it a point to also sort, take inventory and pull out outgrown clothes before I shop for my elder daughter. These clothes either go for donating, selling, storing or given to a younger or smaller kid friend or relative. I also check what my fourth grader have in mind, clothing style and preference that is. By her age, she's started to develop her own sense of style. All I can do now is discuss the limitations regarding styles and costs.


A JOYful Meet Up

My friend Joy came all the way from the south part of the metro to claim her prize from The Parvati Store at the Trinoma mall. She's lucky to have won in their Facebook contest and shared delicious treats with me.

We had lunch at Pizza Hut and headed to The Parvati Store for the much awaited dessert. Roey and I took home a Carrot Cake and a Triple Decker Chocolate Cheesecake while Joy had a Red Velvet Cake and box of Custaroons. I was surprised that Joy said she's not into cheesecakes after I picked the Triple Decker. I just can't resist how delicious the triple decked cheesecake looked like. The chocolate glazed on top of the soft cheesecake and so as the crunchy sweet crust was so appealing that I cannot say no to the dessert at all. It was sweeter surprise when Joy handed me the bag with the Carrot cake with it.
It was Roey's first time to have met Joy, so she wasn't really responding or reacting to her (yet) when we were having lunch. But, as soon as we escorted Joy to the exit of the Trinoma mall which serves as the entrance to the North Avenue MRT station, she blurted out a loud cry. There was a sudden attachment and the fact that a new friend is leaving, she felt so sad. I have to really be convincing when I told her that they will see each other again and we will see Santa Claus if we head over the grocery store. There wasn't a live Santa but I am glad there was a Santa decor near the giant Christmas tree at the entrance of the grocery store. We dropped by the bank for credit card payment, bought "Bangus Belly Sinigang" at the food court and headed home. I was surprise that the toddler only fell asleep in the cab when we were about to get off but instantly forgot about her nap upon seeing her Dad.

Thank you Joy!
It was a memorable meet up. A delicious one to be exact.
Thank you for the lunch, sweet treats and the cute hand-me-down clothes too!


Call Her Chuchay!

"Chuchay" is her name.

The huggable Teddy Bear was a gift my older daughter received one Christmas. She's kind enough to have allowed her little sister to own it instead. Roey can't talk straight yet but we were surprised she's given the stuffed bear a name.

She would look for Chuchay as soon as her eyes open every morning. She would want Chuchay to be beside her before she get to sleep at night. She wants Chuchay to be with her/bring with her every time we go out. She would allow Chuchay to sit either beside her in a stool or on top of the table when she eats. She was even teary eyed one time looking for Chuchay when she was already holding her (she thought she was holding a bag) haha! She cried out loud when I had to hang Chuchay outside to dry after they took a bath together. I would even catch her talk to the teddy bear and kiss it's nose ( she sucked them before she was one!). Tell me she isn't addicted with Chuchay please!

Now that Ate K showed 2 more Teddy Bears (Tedi & Bubblegum), she wants to carry all 3 with her almost all the time. LoL! I guess it does help her learn many things as well. She would observe and giggle as I play pretend with her. Pretending to feed Chuchay makes her happy and for sure develops her abilities to observe and comprehend. So I guess it is really best to have Ate K and Chuchay as her first close friends.

Shopping Bag


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