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Holidays With Friends

I can say that I have been so blessed to have a happy childhood and so as gained many friends too. The memories and experiences we've all shared are definitely worth looking back. We all can't help but feel nostalgic during the holidays, right? 

Here are 5 old photos with friends. Go ahead and look for me, if you can. =)

 Thess, Stef, Jo, Dylin, Jojo (RIP) and Lyn

 At Eternal Gardens in QC
 Cristina, Lyn, Mina, Jo, Stef, Amphy and Vincent

And now, here are our latest photos together. We had a small get together last December 17 at Jo's place and it was really fun. Ate Dylin who we believed to be in Hong Kong surprised us by her presence. We had a chance to look back at past. Our craziness & childish ways before are now things that we can laugh about. Each of us has something to share and shared. Our thoughts and experiences are always considered as a "learning" to each one of us. I truly treasure my childhood friends. I wouldn't go on the details but time and chances have tested us. For me, our friendship is spelled F-O-R-E-V-E-R!

 Me, Jo and Cristina
 Nica, Amphy, Jo and Cristina
Chad and Stef
 Group shot 

We will have another get together soon. And, I am really looking forward to it. Happy holidays everyone!



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