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27th month!

 This little sweetie...
 This little kulit...
 This little artist...
made this!
And sang, "Oh Mr. Sun! Sun! Mr. Golden sun! Please shine down on me!"
She's turned 27th months last January 27 and is growing up so fast I am having to catch up. She's been so talkative, sings a lot, dances a lot more and can already act. Am I gonna be a real stage mother in the future? Ha! Ha!
Happy 27th month darling Roey!
We love you!


Life's Drama

I won't be always strong 

but will never be afraid 

even if I fall like a 


Every now and then, we realize that we are in the middle of life's drama. Or should I say that drama itself has pretty well existed just like everyday's miracle? 

Going through life's test isn't as easy as passing an entrance examination. It's totally tough to weigh, think and feel when you are already in it..in that situation. Deep and thorough - that's how it cuts! It is painful. I am not sure how I can not over react. Is it a gift to be understanding? Is it good to be open minded? Is it best to be forgiving?

I still don't know. All I know is I am taking chances (again!) and still hopeful. I am but thankful for HIM above..HE is definitely my savior. He has always been everything I needed through bad and good times. HE is the reason why I was never afraid even if I am at my weakest.

I will never again neglect ME, and that's something I would like to ensure myself. 


Christmas 2011

I can't help but feel a little different last Christmas. It could be because I'm again missing Mama. This is our 2nd Christmas without her. But she's at a better place I know, and in fact, she's with the birthday celebrant. She's sure happier in heaven. Another reason it is a little different is we weren't able to shop for gift items to give to our friends and family. It was like everything was in a rush. 

Our Christmas day was busy and fun! We first went to hubby's aunt in Project 8. Photo shows Auntie Estela, Kuya Robert behind, Ate Keanna, Gabby, Kate, Roey, Tatay and Kenneth.

 Then we're off to Howmart Road and had a blast of fun. I didn't know my relatives are having a Christmas party that day so I decided to just purchase lots of candies to share instead. The girls had so much fun playing, singing and dancing. We had a great time laughing during the exchange gift giving part of the party.

 Roey was really excited to be with her "mama" Jham Jham and Kuya Jeremy. Keanna was in excitement to play with Chi and Adhara too.

My "rich" girls tried counting the blessings (in the form of money) given to them. I am their treasurer of course, just like every mom. =)

We also visited my cousins and aunts the next day at Muñoz, Quezon City the next day. We also had fun singing and chit-chatting.

When I was little, I call Aunt Baby my Auntie-Ninang (Aunt and Godmother at the same time). In this photo together, I can see her resemblance with Mama. That has made me miss Mama more.

To sum it up, we had a fun filled Christmas! As long as the kids are happy, I am happier!

Life and then Som


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