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Heartbreaking Tragedies

I woke up today with a sad heart because today is my Mama's 2nd death anniversary. But my sadness tripled as I have learned about this heartbreaking news - lives lost in a tragic mass shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. I could not imagine how frightened these kids were. All I can do now as a parent is to hug and kiss my daughters while they are still sleeping and whisper a prayer for the souls of the victims. 

Here's something I made out of the feeling this incident brought me. The same feeling goes to the Filipino families affected by the super typhoon Pablo. We have seen a lot of these but it hurts and we can't help but feel sorry for all those affected everytime. A lot of us once said that we don't have any, or we don't have money to give. Deep within, we know there's something we can give. It isn't just money. There's always something we no longer use or need that we can maybe donate to these families who've lost all they have. We can also schedule and offer a mass for them. Each little act and kindness, seen, heard or not will always be counted -- in heaven!


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