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Had a Blast With baby Blast 3

My younger daughter, Roey won in a magazine photo gallery/contest but we didn't get to call and pick up our prize. I wasn't able to grab a copy of the baby magazine March issue either.

It was also recently when I saw a post from one of the moms from a Facebook group (of moms) about Baby Blast 3 and I requested for Roey to be included in one of the kids to get a free fluoride application. I was glad to receive a confirmation letter from the organizers of Baby Blast 3 and had it printed so I can present it to them. 

 It was a hot Sunday last April 22 and I almost did not want to go out but thought about the kids. It's Ate K's school vacation yet she's mostly at the house (pretty much doing nothing - except play and fight with the younger sister) and the activity was intended for toddlers, Roey is a toddler who needs to have fun and learn at the same time... besides, the 3 of us haven't been out for sometime - so, I dressed up the kids and head on to trinoma. It was a good decision I guess, Baby Magazine is one of the sponsors of Baby Blast 3 and I got the chance to grab a copy of their March issue (plus one past issue) for less than the original price. It doesn't stop there, I got to talk to one of the ladies in their booth and allowed me to still claim Roey's prize just as long as I call before visiting their office. Yehey! 

We were late for the fluoride application but since I presented them the confirmation email, they handed me a gift pack instead. Woohoo! When I approached the Uratex booth, they gave me an Eco bag with microwaveable containers inside and had me join their Mother's Day FB photo contest too. LJ Moreno was there to host a part of the program. We didn't tire ourselves that long inside the Trinoma activity center anymore, bought some donuts and head to attend an early night mass at the church near us. 

the kids had a blast indeed! They got the chance to at least play and explore even for just a shirt time. I am looking forward to have more fun and quality time with them at least before summer ends. 


Summer Time: Swim Time

Are your kids ready to hit the waters? 
As a Mom, or parent, we always make it a point to have everything ready for them before they dip in the pool or sea water. I am definite that your checklist includes:
  • Swim suits
  • Sunscreen
  • Hats and sunglasses
  • Towels
  • Goggles
  • Swimming rings and arm floaties
  • Swimming Vest if needed
  • Shampoo and soap

And the other items that should be in your bag if you are off to a swimming getaway are:

  • Flip Flops
  • underwear/diapers
  • comb
  • pocket money / coins
  • snack
  • baby powder
  • insect repellent patches or lotion especially for overnight stay
  • umbrella or kiddie tent
  • plastic bags for wet items

And the list goes on but of course, we only bring what we really need. I have experienced to have packed a lot that there were items that shouldn't have been included and I end up exhausted carrying a heavy bag.

Yesterday, my daughters had fun "swimming" in a large basin. LOL!
The small inflatable pool we have won't keep the air that long anymore so they end up using the basin instead. My elder daughter is just so excited to hit a real pool saying they won't fit in just one basin. Ha! Ha!
I am planning to bring them to a resort near us instead, in case our friends won't have any plans for a summer outing again this year.


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