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Heartbreaking Tragedies

I woke up today with a sad heart because today is my Mama's 2nd death anniversary. But my sadness tripled as I have learned about this heartbreaking news - lives lost in a tragic mass shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. I could not imagine how frightened these kids were. All I can do now as a parent is to hug and kiss my daughters while they are still sleeping and whisper a prayer for the souls of the victims. 

Here's something I made out of the feeling this incident brought me. The same feeling goes to the Filipino families affected by the super typhoon Pablo. We have seen a lot of these but it hurts and we can't help but feel sorry for all those affected everytime. A lot of us once said that we don't have any, or we don't have money to give. Deep within, we know there's something we can give. It isn't just money. There's always something we no longer use or need that we can maybe donate to these families who've lost all they have. We can also schedule and offer a mass for them. Each little act and kindness, seen, heard or not will always be counted -- in heaven!


My Toddler is 3! Happy Birthday!

Not so long ago, I was getting impatient waiting for my water broke or feel the pain of labor. Our Roey baby arrived exactly on her 40th week. That was 3 years ago... 

Look at her now... She has just turned 3! A lot would notice that she's tall for her age. In fact, she's as tall as our neighbor's 4yo son. Someone also thought she is in preschool already. 

Since she celebrated her 3rd birthday, I decided to tag her along at a mall near us and got her a new dress. That photo above isn't the dress we got for her, haha! I loved it but she said she didn't like that particular dress...she maybe referring to the color. I can only smile how picky she can be with what to wear. Do I have a fashionista in the making?

Perhaps a model? Look at how graceful and confident she is in front of the camera. She doesn't just like to smile in front of the camera by the way, she also loves to be behind it and click away. This has just reminded me that my Nikon digital camera's battery is busted! Since she managed to learn how to use the camera, she also taught herself on how to switch from camera mode to viewing mode. Pretty smart huh? Unfortunately, she forgot to turn the camera off after viewing her photos. I was not aware until I was ready to use the camera after about 2 days. I tried to recharge it but to no good. It won't charge up anymore. I just really hope it's just the battery because I am not ready to bid farewell yet to my 1yo camera. I, of course did not blame my little girl. She already misses the camera so I decided to look for her toy cam and let her use that instead. Good thing the camera looks like a real one but you can not honestly just deceive this toddler of mine...she's not using the toy cam anymore and kept asking if the battery of the real one is still low. LOL!

Happy birthday sweetie pie! Though late, this post is wholeheartedly for you. Thank you for keeping me alive and for those sweet "I love you Mommy" everyday. Mwah!


Preparing for Your Daughter’s First Period

The beginning of your daughter’s period is a truly monumental occasion. For her, it’s a time of significant physical and emotional changes; for you, it can be an overwhelming yet nostalgia-inducing realization that your little girl is now growing up.

Guiding her through this pivotal time will ensure that she develops a positive attitude towards the changes happening to her body, which she will carry until adulthood. Moreover, being open with your daughter will assure her that you are someone she can approach when she encounters any issues or problems.

Letting your daughter know that getting her period is a normal and healthy part of growing up will dissolve all her worries and help her become more comfortable as she undergoes this important phase. Here are some pointers to help you prepare for this critical time in your daughter’s life.

Know the signs. Nowadays, girls can get their periods as early as eight years old. If you notice that your daughter’s breasts are beginning to develop, or she has undergone a considerable growth spurt, then she might be approaching menarche in a few months. This will be a good time to tell her about the changes that will be taking place, and what she needs to do when they happen.

Educate her early. Don’t wait until your daughter gets her first period before educating her about the menstrual cycle. It’s important that she knows exactly what to do when the day finally comes. Additionally, you may want to clear up any misconceptions she may have gotten from her classmates and friends. Talk to her in a way that is age-appropriate; if she begins asking questions at an early age, you may answer her questions in general terms without going into overwhelming specifics.

Discuss the how’s and why’s. Inform your daughter about the basics: the reason why women get their periods, how the menstrual cycle works, and how often it occurs. Be open with her, and make sure to listen when she has any questions. Some girls may not feel comfortable talking about their period; in this case, you may want to write her a letter, or ask her to write down her worries and concerns in a note. Consider sharing with her your own experiences; she may be relieved to know that you also went through the same ups and downs she is now undergoing.

Be positive. Assure your daughter that getting her period is nothing to worry about; it’s all part of becoming a woman! Furthermore, explain to her that life does not have to come to a standstill during that time of the month; with enough preparation and the right protection, she will still be able to participate in her favorite sports or activities even when she has her period.

Help her pick the right products. To ensure that your daughter is prepared for her period wherever she may be, put together a kit containing a couple of panty liners, pads, wet wipes and a change of underwear inside a discreet-looking pouch that she can carry around in her school bag or store in her locker. For the best protection, give her KOTEX® Overnight Pads with ProActive Guards that she can wear comfortably while at school or while engaged in her extracurricular activities. Furthermore, the new and improved KOTEX Overnights feature Pro-Active Guards that rise when they come in contact with fluid, keeping you worry-free and comfortable during your first day. Additionally, these pads provide her extra security during her busy days and while she sleeps.

Beginning her menstrual cycle does not have to be a stressful time for your daughter. With your guidance, she will be able to cope easier with change and understand that her first period is a step towards becoming a woman.

KOTEX® brand is committed to helping women make informed choices every day. For decades, KOTEX® has introduced innovation after innovation as a result of our intimate understanding of women’s bodies and the lifestyles they lead. Our innovations come from our desire to not only satisfy the needs of today’s women but also to inspire them with new ways on how to protect and care for their bodies. To learn more about the new KOTEX® products, visit www.kotex.com.ph.


My Friends Did MULTIPLY!

It as through a dear friend, and former colleague that I learned about Multiply. I have been a member since October 22, 2005. Yes! It has been that long and I am so thankful to this site and to my friend Ched because, my friends did multiply. About the same month and year when I also joined FemaleNetwork, GirlTalk to be specific. From these, ideas, and all sorts of learning flowed in. I have learned a lot. I really mean a LOT - from parenting, kids, shopping, work and even party planning ideas!

It was just very recent when Multiply announced that they will soon end their services. Me and all my Multiply Mommy friends felt that sadness the news brought in. Now, we have to act before it is too late. I have lost some photos when Friendster bid farewell and I would not want that to happen again with a lot of our photos and posts in Multiply. There are still 3 months to prepare and transfer everything so I will definitely ensure to save all.


NIDO: The Robot Zoo Ticket Giveaway!

The NIDO FORTIFIED Science Discovery Center at the SM Mall of Asia has opened a new exhibit - The Robot Zoo.

And here is the good news:

 - We are giving away two "2" complimentary passes to our readers who will give us the best answer to this question, "I want to visit the Robot Zoo in SM Mall of Asia because..."

- The winners will be announced on Friday, July 6, 2012 at 5PM.

- The zoo visits be scheduled beginning July 9, 2012.



Had a Blast With baby Blast 3

My younger daughter, Roey won in a magazine photo gallery/contest but we didn't get to call and pick up our prize. I wasn't able to grab a copy of the baby magazine March issue either.

It was also recently when I saw a post from one of the moms from a Facebook group (of moms) about Baby Blast 3 and I requested for Roey to be included in one of the kids to get a free fluoride application. I was glad to receive a confirmation letter from the organizers of Baby Blast 3 and had it printed so I can present it to them. 

 It was a hot Sunday last April 22 and I almost did not want to go out but thought about the kids. It's Ate K's school vacation yet she's mostly at the house (pretty much doing nothing - except play and fight with the younger sister) and the activity was intended for toddlers, Roey is a toddler who needs to have fun and learn at the same time... besides, the 3 of us haven't been out for sometime - so, I dressed up the kids and head on to trinoma. It was a good decision I guess, Baby Magazine is one of the sponsors of Baby Blast 3 and I got the chance to grab a copy of their March issue (plus one past issue) for less than the original price. It doesn't stop there, I got to talk to one of the ladies in their booth and allowed me to still claim Roey's prize just as long as I call before visiting their office. Yehey! 

We were late for the fluoride application but since I presented them the confirmation email, they handed me a gift pack instead. Woohoo! When I approached the Uratex booth, they gave me an Eco bag with microwaveable containers inside and had me join their Mother's Day FB photo contest too. LJ Moreno was there to host a part of the program. We didn't tire ourselves that long inside the Trinoma activity center anymore, bought some donuts and head to attend an early night mass at the church near us. 

the kids had a blast indeed! They got the chance to at least play and explore even for just a shirt time. I am looking forward to have more fun and quality time with them at least before summer ends. 


Summer Time: Swim Time

Are your kids ready to hit the waters? 
As a Mom, or parent, we always make it a point to have everything ready for them before they dip in the pool or sea water. I am definite that your checklist includes:
  • Swim suits
  • Sunscreen
  • Hats and sunglasses
  • Towels
  • Goggles
  • Swimming rings and arm floaties
  • Swimming Vest if needed
  • Shampoo and soap

And the other items that should be in your bag if you are off to a swimming getaway are:

  • Flip Flops
  • underwear/diapers
  • comb
  • pocket money / coins
  • snack
  • baby powder
  • insect repellent patches or lotion especially for overnight stay
  • umbrella or kiddie tent
  • plastic bags for wet items

And the list goes on but of course, we only bring what we really need. I have experienced to have packed a lot that there were items that shouldn't have been included and I end up exhausted carrying a heavy bag.

Yesterday, my daughters had fun "swimming" in a large basin. LOL!
The small inflatable pool we have won't keep the air that long anymore so they end up using the basin instead. My elder daughter is just so excited to hit a real pool saying they won't fit in just one basin. Ha! Ha!
I am planning to bring them to a resort near us instead, in case our friends won't have any plans for a summer outing again this year.


Marian School's Parenting Seminar

I attended this year's parenting seminar at my daughter's school, Marian School of QC. I had to tag them along which made our travel to and from a bit tiring. Little toddler Roey kept asking me to carry her because   it was "init! init!" (hot) according to her.  We were a little late since I still have to finish some task before yesterday's cut off.  Even so, I still enjoyed the half part of the seminar itself and so as learned a lot too.

 I have been wondering how to properly address issues with my daughters. I suddenly find myself irritable especially when the 2 of them are present. Why? They just clash! I hate it when I start to nag, shout and feel angry about things they can't get along with together. The big sister has started to be annoyed by the little one's spontaneity and curiosity. They would fight because of the littlest things. These everyday hurdle is really unexpected as I was hopeful that the big sister will be very understanding of Roey. I guess it is really isn't advisable to have kids that has 7 years (or more) age gap. I started to feel guilt whenever I feel mad because  they both won't cooperate most of the time. It is even harder when they start to attack each other. I don't hit my kids. Spanking is the last option for me and it can be used when the kid can already understand but hubby's style is different and I think that's where they both got the idea of hitting each other. If you don't know my kids, you'd think I have boys but will be confused why they scream a lot too. Being a Mom is something that you can't just walk away from. I would never give up too, even it is definitely hard. These two mini mes are the most precious treasures I have. I am but glad to have attended this year's parenting seminar. I understood my kids and ME. I am now challenged to handle it better, and calmer.

The speaker, Mrs. P. Nieto with my daughters

We were given hand outs about the seminar itself and I would like to share it with everyone too. It was as if the topic was picked perfectly for me. About stubborn and argumentative teens/kids.

First, why are they feeling angry?
They are battling with daily difficulties and is trying to make sense of emotional issues such as:
  • Changes in their bodies
  • Dealing with friends
  • Positive and negative peer pressure
  • Separation/disagreement of parents
  • Being treated unfairly
  • Taking too many activities
  • Chronic illness or death of a loved one

It was highlighted in the seminar that parents are often caught by surprise and react by either yelling or arguing back their kids for showing their anger. In fact, teens have poor coping skills and getting angry is the only way they know on how to avoid feeling hurt or afraid. There were options to help the teens/kids cope up with their frustrations and they are:
  • Listen to your kids
  • Focus on his/her feelings
  • Ask them about unresolved conflict they might be facing
  • Help your teen work towards a solution
  • Understand the situation fro your teen's perspective
  • Show that you care
There are still plenty of info I would share on my next posts about what I have learned about the seminar. For now, I am but glad to have spent the time because I got to think about what I have said and done in the past couple of days - they weren't helpful to my kids nor to me as a parent. Strategies from now on will be re-evaluated and approach will be redefined. 


We Were Invited!

I am currently in the look for cute invitations and cake designs - in preparation for my toddler's 3rd birthday perhaps?

My kids and I were invited to Miggi's 3rd birthday party last February. It was well attended by kids and kids at heart alike. The cake, cupcakes, loots, gifts, balloons, food and games made everything about the said event fun. My dear friend Jo requested for me to create the party invitations for Miggi and I gladly did. Of course, I am no pro in Photoshop and all but I tried my best and glad that she liked the tarpaulin and invitation I made for Miggi.

Of course, for better and professional party invitations , there are people, companies and websites you can go to. I only made one for Miggi as my gift to him. For me to be able to create one, I had to browse the net and be inspired from various party invitations I saw from InvitationBox's collection. I would like to jump for joy and celebrate after I have finished making the party invitation and so as the tarpaulin. 

As we all know, life is a celebration. Issues come and go and at the end of the day, there are still a lot to be thankful for and celebrate. Every life's event is something to look forward to and be happy about. Just like birthdays - be it themed or just a simple one. Any party will never be without an invitation of course! Making your party invitations chic, lovely, unique, artistic and out of the ordinary is really up to you. These event invitations serves as a hint to your guests on how lovely and fun the party would be and who doesn't like to be in a fun-filled party after all? Kids and the old ones will definitely be happy to celebrate with you. So, if you are planning to have a memorable party for yourself, someone special, a relative or a friend, it is really best to start with planning - theme, party invitations, venue, food, games, and favors too! Starting with a very  nice theme and invitations will serve as your sparklers and will keep the ball rolling. You don't need to be a pro in organizing a party yourself but if you would like to save all the energy and avoid all the hassle, there's a lot in the web to do it for you. 


Roey's Summer Starts Now!

Even before March has started, the temperature has soared high here in the Philippines. And besides the fact that March is the "Fire Prevention Month", it is also the start of summer. My toddler Roey's very active and perspires a lot too. 

Summer doesn't only means hot temperature, it also brings forth harmful UV rays. The UV Rays of course is harmful to our skin and especially to the kids. Since skin diseases are very much common during summer, we have to be cautious and protect our kids. Wearing comfy and cotton made garments are the best for our kids.  Applying sunscreen is really important. It's as if sunscreen has become a magical tool especially during summer. There are different types of sunscreen to use for children 6years and younger and older too. We just have to be sure that we get the ones with the highest SPF for kids especially if they're to spend hours under the sun. Re-applying sunscreen every 3 hours is most advisable.

Choosing the right shampoo and soap is very important too. What I have for Roey is the Johnson's baby soft & shiny shampoo and Ate K picked the Palmolive Naturals' Fashion Girl shampoo & conditioner.

 Ate K was still at school the other day when I had Roey wear a hand me down swim suit and let her do her "smimming" in a large basin that I use for the laundry. It was less than 30 minutes but she totally had fun.



"A mother's love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity, it dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path. "

Agatha Christie
Had a nice weekend bonding with my sweethearts!
This, if I am not mistaken is our first photo together for 2012 - the tres marias!
Sweet little Roey is growing up so fast and totally shows fondness of her big sister. She would even cry out loud each weekday morning (that she's awake) Ate K goes to school.
She has also started showing modeling, singing, and acting abilities. I wish for these to develop as her talents.  
Big sister Ate K on the other hand became fond of gadgets! She was playing The Price Is Right on my iTouch when this was taken. 
I really treasure each day I spend with the kids. It makes me feel complete as we all know that we can't have everything, right? These sweethearts are my everything. I want them to grow up independently but still have in their hearts and mind the fact that Mommy here is the bestest friend they already have.

"A mother is not a person to lean on, but a person to make leaning unnecessary."
Dorothy Fisher

mommy moments


The Valentine That Was

These Heart chocolates was given by hubby 2 days before Valentine's day. They taste good, really and I am asking for him to bring more. Haha! 

Fabruary 13-15 was my elder daughter's mid-quarter exams so they celebrated Valentine's and Teacher's Day last February 16 instead. I was able to buy a dozen of hand sanitizers for each of her teacher. We also made a personalized card/tag which we attached to the the sanitizer. Thanks to Sherry K Designs for the paper designs.

I was with little Roey when I brought the stuff to Ate K at her school in Sauyo Road. Little toddler cried out loud when big sister K had to go back to her classroom. Iguess she thinks she's as big as Ate K already and wants to be with kids at school.

Now, where is the cheapest play school here?


My Brave Toddler

In one my recent posts, I have mentioned and shared photos of Ate K who had flu. In that same post, I mentioned that little Roey got sick too the week after. She had a viral infection and her lab results (stool and blood) proved that too.

 If I am to compare my kids when they are faced with sickness like these, I have noticed that little Roey is more of a fighter than her big sister. Ate K gets scared with anything that requires an injection or a needle while Roey would not react at all. Well, Ate K was this brave too when she was just a baby until her toddler years. I think her trauma with needles started when she was 2 yo and confined at St. Luke's Hospital. There were several attempts in both her wrists and even in her right foot when they needed to administer dextrose. It actually required 2 doctors and 3 nurses just for them to find the perfect place to put it. I clearly remember the look in Ate K's face that moment. I really feel pity for her that she had to undergo such pain at that age.
And she never recovered since.

Roey was hospitalized too when she was just 15 months old, a month after Mama died. It was because of diarrhea. Her trauma is different from big sister K. After her release, Roey would never allow me to leave her. She became so clingy to me that even if I enter our own comfort room, she'll be there...standing by. LoL!

These photos were taken during Roey's check up and my sister in law's birthday. She gladly posed for me while we were waiting for her lab results at the Bernardino General Hospital. See that Green Mickey Mouse shirt? She wouldn't allow me to replace it, even if it's one of her "pambahay" already. She just loves MM so much. She was better during Ghe's (my sister in law) birthday dinner celebration.

Both the kids are all better now, thank goodness! Roey's finished her antibiotics yesterday. I just hope both of them recover their lost appetite and weight too. No more sickness please.


Post Holiday Meet Up: HS Friends

 My HS friends normally plan a get together after the holidays since we didn't really want to bother each other's busy schedules. Ha ha!

And, most of the time, this is where we meet up - Jollibee SM City NE Main building. I was with both my kids that day and we weren't really ready with all the gifts so our gifts aren't wrapped at all. No surprise element, I must say. I have mentioned in my previous post that I wasn't really with me that season, right? I guess preparing for the holidays was not in my system too.

So there we were, Allan & Bernadette who's 5 months pregnant with their kids, Sean and Jay Jay. Ariel & Amie with Karl and Amiel. And Rose who just dropped by to give her gifts since she was with her sister and  said they needed to go some place else for something important.

There were already food when we arrived. The kids eagerly opened their gifts and played right after eating. While of course, moms had a nice chit-chat while Allan and Ariel were on stand by mode. LoL! Ronald was not with us since he was at work.

Ate K and Sean. A very slim girl and a chubby not that big yet boy. They were of the same age and have that friendly fondness even if they rarely see each other. I always wish Sean could give some fats and muscles to Ate K. Haha! 

Our meet up was a little short than usual but I am sure there'll ne another one as Bernadette will be giving birth soon. I will have to prepare some of my daughters' tiny dresses because she is finally having a baby girl!


27th month!

 This little sweetie...
 This little kulit...
 This little artist...
made this!
And sang, "Oh Mr. Sun! Sun! Mr. Golden sun! Please shine down on me!"
She's turned 27th months last January 27 and is growing up so fast I am having to catch up. She's been so talkative, sings a lot, dances a lot more and can already act. Am I gonna be a real stage mother in the future? Ha! Ha!
Happy 27th month darling Roey!
We love you!


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