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Life's Drama

I won't be always strong 

but will never be afraid 

even if I fall like a 


Every now and then, we realize that we are in the middle of life's drama. Or should I say that drama itself has pretty well existed just like everyday's miracle? 

Going through life's test isn't as easy as passing an entrance examination. It's totally tough to weigh, think and feel when you are already in it..in that situation. Deep and thorough - that's how it cuts! It is painful. I am not sure how I can not over react. Is it a gift to be understanding? Is it good to be open minded? Is it best to be forgiving?

I still don't know. All I know is I am taking chances (again!) and still hopeful. I am but thankful for HIM above..HE is definitely my savior. He has always been everything I needed through bad and good times. HE is the reason why I was never afraid even if I am at my weakest.

I will never again neglect ME, and that's something I would like to ensure myself. 


fallenrhainnes January 24, 2012 at 1:37 PM  

great to hear that stef...
you can also read on with my other writings on almost the same and about life's drama..



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