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Shadow Shot Sunday: Brigada Eskwela, 2011

The Department of Education just recently started their 2011 Brigada Eskwela program. It's nice to realize that a lot of people, even companies are joining this brigade with their manpower support and material donations. The Philippine Army, in cooperation with DepEd participated the National Maintenance Week.

Soldiers transfer chairs to another building during a Brigada Eskwela activity at Maharlika Elementary School, Taguig City.

Just so you'd know, Brigada Eskwela started in 2003. In cooperation with civic organizations, parents, students and NGOs, this annual activity by the DepEd intend to help public schools in the clean up and repair at least before each school year starts.

This but a nice way to reach out and help, right?


MGR#5 Fussy No More

ROEY. I was alarmed about a month ago that she came across a stage wherein she wouldn't eat rice at all. She still goes for milk of course but at her age, she needs solids to get all the needed vitamins and nutrients for growth. I've read from one of the newsletters I received that toddlers do go through the fussy eating stage.

I then remember to have heard from one of my cousins a trick which I think helped out a lot. If a child rejects the food you give, let them be but make sure that you let them sit by the table during "eating time" (whether they eat or not). Another suggestion is to just let them pick the food they want and as to how much is enough for them.

These are just few of the best to offer toddlers like Roey:

carrot sticks
cheese cubes or slices
sliced apples
chicken (drumsticks or lollipops)
cereals (I give the fruity & colorful ones)

I just continued to offer her the foods that (i think) she likes and now, I am more at peace. She's no fussy anymore. These photos are just few of the evidences. LoL!

And of course, this post fits for Messy Go Round. Come and join the fun and make Ate Keanna smile! See you around!


PF: Pink Backdrop

This Pink backdrop is something I made out of 4 cartolina papers taped together. Home made it is! I used my cameras timer to take a photo of me and Keanna wearing our beige curtains, gold ribbons as headbands, and lotsa pins for our costumes to fit.
Just a little make up and we're ready.
This photo made it to the Mother's day special of MetroWorkingMom Magazine year 2008 (page shown in the next photo).

"We are all meant to shine as children do.
It's not just in some of us;
it is in everyone.
And as we let our own lights shine,
we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.
As we are liberated from our own fear,
our presence automatically liberates others"

My entry for today's
Happy weekend everyone!


Watery Wednesday: At the Mall

Would you believe this was taken in a mall here in the Philippines? I'm joining Watery Wednesday again and would like to share a photo of my daughter taken 4 years ago. Trinoma mall is in the heart of the metro. It is strategically located just steps away from another mall and is literally attached to the Metro Rail Transit. This photo was taken near Starbucks in the mall's roof deck, if I may call it that way. Whoever thought of this did a good job. There's also a spot for mini concerts an promotional activities. I may say that this place in the mall made my daughter want to keep coming back.


The Puppet Row

The colors of the world we'd like to see,
and feel the hope with each growth of a tree...
We can move but can't run from what life brings
for we are just colorful puppets with too many strings.



PF: Pink Meow

My daughter's Pink HK stool from her Ninang Pia. Roey loves HK so much that she steps on the stool, meows like a cat and leaves mommy worried that she might lose her balance and fell. Here's a photo of her one time she sat on it and behaved.

Happy PF everyone! Be safe and enjoy the weekend!


Pixx n' Print

Everyone of us can name a variety of occasions every year. Birthdays top the list for sure. So what can you do or have to make each of these occasions extra special and fun?

Here's just one party idea. A photobooth! One of our friends started this biz with her sister. To tell you, they offer affordable packages,cool and fab designs on prints, use of cute props and quality photos with customized and personalized layout. Check out their Multiply page by clicking this photo...

And here's more:

So go ahead and contact Pixx 'n Print for the most enjoyable occasions ever!


MM: Mother's Day 2011

This year's Mother's day was very simple. It's quite sad too because it's my first time without a Mom to greet, hug, kiss and thank for. We were at the cemetery last May 6th for it was my Mama's birthday. I offered mass that same day for her and my Dad too. I still can remember that I started receiving gifts from my Mom every Mother's day since I became a mother too. It was so nice of her.

My kids gave me super hugs and kisses that day. I had them enjoy the water outside too. I cooked a simple Carbonara recipe for us, and bought soda which thrilled both my kids. That's basically how simple it was. It became extra special because my daughter Keanna made a Nido greeting card for me using her own Facebook account. I received an email about an approved entry and as to when it will be shown in two major digital billboards.

SM City North EDSA, Annex building
April 28, 2011 - April 30, 2011

Boni Avenue, EDSA
May 12, 2011 - May 14, 2011

Wondering what it says in the card? A very simple message saying: "Thank you for taking care of us. We love you so much!"

mommy moments


Nostalgia: Kiddie Collage

My daughter has been bugging me to visit her 2nd cousin Kate Jhazreel. She would even cry and repeatedly ask as to when is Kate coming back. Kate as of this time, is at their hometown in San Pablo, Laguna. I wish I could just go ahead and drive to her place so she'll have unlimited fun with my daughters.

It has been quite some time when she last paid Keanna a visit. When my Mama was still alive, the two even enjoy sleepovers. I was scanning through Keanna's albums when I saw their "growing up" pictures thus, a collage was made. They are like sisters already and I hope it remains like that.



Welcome Home Friend

Mommy Rubz, one of the most helpful Mommy blogger started Reviewer’s Haven First Blog Contest. I decided to join for fun and of course, the intention (or the wish) to win. Reviewer's Haven is a place via the net where you can find ample thoughts, tips, reviews and recommendations from a cool Mom and experienced blogger as well. I am joining and would like to share the fun with a friend, Pia.

I made this to welcome her, Pia, who has started blogging but left and forgot about it. LoL! She's been a very good, loving and dependable friend to me. There are only few who has the ears and heart to listen and I'm lucky to have her for she's one of them. I'd like to congratulate her as well, she's pregnant on her 3rd at last. We are all wishing for her to have a healthy baby girl this time. Welcome back home Mare!

* credits to the people where I got all these freebies I used

Add Image


Purple Stars

It took us a while to remove these 5 Purple stars in Keanna's arms. Why? Because my then Kinder Keanna didn't want to remove them! They are but messy as we all can see. But when your kid shows you this in their first day of school, aren't you gonna be so proud? FYI, she ended up top 1 at the end of school year. Can you now feel how proud I am? LoL!

Life and then Som


Here Comes Baby no.2

When my elder daughter turned 5, hubby and I decided to try to get pregnant again. I had issues with hormonal imbalance because of my work in a contact center so we had to seek help from an OB Gyne. Had little trouble while preggy but glad to have given birth through normal delivery.

We were blessed with another girl after 2 years of trying. I chose the name Haley 'coz I really like the character of Bethany Joy Galeotti in One Tree Hill which I often watch when I was pregnant. Roneese is from a name listed in one of my notes when we were still choosing a name for big sister Keanna. It was originally spelled as Ronice, I just had to change how it's spelled. Hubby agreed with Roey's name since it sounds like it was derived from his name Ronald. He would even tease that Roey looks like him and big sister Keanna would always react to that. Keanna says that Ronald is always in denial that she's the female version of her Dad. I think we were able to "ready" Keanna even before Roey arrived. She was really glad to be an "Ate" (big sister) now. She would even stay inside the crib just to be with her sister.

Roey (her nickname) had to stay 5 more days at the hospital. She "overstayed" in my tummy that she already pooped inside while I was on labor. LoL! I am glad though that I was able to breastfeed her even for just 5 months. It was quite hard for me especially that I was like a pump machine even at work but I love that fulfillment. I would have loved if the milk supply lasted a little longer. How about you, what's your story when your baby arrived? Join us and share, just click on the badges below.

mommy moments


Gifts To Myself, From Myself

I cannot recall the last time I rewarded myself. No, not even last Mother's day.
I think I am at my worst. I'm still a little lost. There's still this emptiness in my heart since Mama passed away. I can't help myself move on. I have mentioned before in my other blog that I'm already picking up the pieces of the broken me...I haven't started yet, that's how it seems to me. Or I may have picked up some pieces but can't completely grab and sort them. I miss my mom...and I miss me. This photo triggered the sentiments, I guess. I saw this yesterday as I sort and categorized the albums in my archive.

My daughter's make me laugh, they are my life. They are obviously the reason why I'd like to be "whole" again. I'd life to be a better Mom. When people ask me how I'm doing, I always answer "I'm okay!". I myself sometimes can't accept my OKAY because I would like to be at my best. How? That's the biggest question.

Since I am very much aware of this negative feeling in me, there's also this urge of wanting to shrug that off. I thought of finding ways how. I remember to have read from somewhere before that there are several ways to make yourself happy... or maybe at least smile. Definitely, I am not the best person to enumerate some gifts we can give ourselves but I'd like to share.

Here are just a few gifts:
  • Time - something very important but a lot have just a few and some, none. It's good to be rewarded with an activity just for ourselves. The ME time as most of us call it. Can also be used to reinvent. Try something you haven't done, eat, or tried before.
  • Energy - Find time to exercise those muscles a bit, even just those facial muscles. Eat smaller plus take healthy snacks like a piece of fruit daily.
  • Laughter - Remember the belief that "laughter is the best medicine". I guess that goes to all types of sickness. Laughing with a friend is even better, calls via Skype and YM are free.
  • Music - Sing your heart out! Humming, whistling or blurting out the lyrics or what ever it is you are to say in a song is another way to shift your mood to fun.
  • Kindness - As soon as you open your eyes in the morning, smile! Greet house members with a smile, compliment even a stranger. Never forget those Thank Yous and you're welcomes as well. Perhaps, you can pay someone a visit or donate to charitable institutions.
These are just simple tips that I myself needs to follow. So, who wants to go out and accompany me? I'd like to try and get a new haircut, watch a movie and laugh!



Pretty Blog Giveaway

And I decided to join another contest. I got inspired by winning as Top Commenter for April from pretty AB . Now, I'm joining OneproudMomma in her 1st blog anniversary giveaway. There are fabulous prizes at stake which made me decide to join.Whenever I need to go out and attend a gathering or school activities I find myself confused on what to wear. Why? Because I am left with just very few clothes, and they're old already. Would you believe that I have a blouse which has been with me for 6 years now? A tee that I have since when I was still single, I use it an everyday shirt. I sometimes pity myself for not giving that much attention to what I'm wearing and what I have to wear. I just kept wishing I have enough in my pocket to buy fab bags, shoes and blouses like the prizes in this giveaway. There are Tory Burch Bags, Cartier Bags, Furano Mango Tops, assorted perfumes, and San San Make-up too! Who doesn't deserve to have/win any of these? It's Mom's month so join the fun, now! Joining is already fun, how much more if I or you win? If you'd like to join in the fun and the promo, click on the photo below for the mechanics.
Thank you to the contest sponsors:


MaMa Day

I have been mentioning about my Mama's special day last May 6 in my previous posts and so I made sure that we visit her at the cemetery. We were there past 9am which is late already. The sun was up and shining bright. I scold myself for forgetting the umbrella.
We brought flowers, small candles and Mama's framed photo too.

I decided to lit up just 2 small candles 'coz we can't keep ourselves under the sun that long. Check out the cut out Keanna made, they're suppose to be paper flowers but she agreed to place the candles on it instead.

We offered our prayers, greeted her and left a piece of Japanese cake. Again, we replaced the "cake" with something much affordable and we can just leave at the cemetery.

I regret that I "somehow" allowed the kids sleep past their bedtime the night before and ended up "late" with our visit. I was even planning to be there by 6am so we can stay a little longer and the kids can also play. I could have enjoyed jogging too!

Since I've kept myself busy in finishing an AVP for a friend's mom, I didn't have much time to go out to buy food. I then though of mixing up spices and condiments to come up with a sweet & spicy marinade. There are few pieces of chicken wings inside the fridge so this is what I came up with.

It's my very own crunchy sweet & spicy chili wings. I had it coated with mixed bread crumbs and ready-to-use chicken breading.

Hubby said it isn't that spicy that's why this little fellow enjoyed it too! She managed to finish that piece she's holding. I miss Mama's own version of fried chicken, her spicy "Bicolano" recipes and how she's supported me in experimenting. It is my dream to have a beautiful & spacious kitchen. I would love to see red, yellow and greens in it and I hope it's soon.

Happy Mother's Day to all my fellow moms! Here's a quote to remind us how we make a difference no matter who, where and what our status are.

" A MOM is like a calculator. She's someone who ADDS comfort, SUBTRACTS pain & fear, DIVIDES blessings and MULTIPLIES joy. "

Cheers to us all!

This is my share to this week's Mellow Yellow Monday and Weekend Eating. Click on the badges for more sumptuous and beautiful entries.



MM & PF: Preggy Tales

Since May is very special to all Mothers, Mommy Moments' themes for the whole month will evolve about us. I am again late in posting since it's Saturday already but as we all know, better late than never,right? So the first topic is about our preggy tales and I have a story to tell. LoL!

Keanna came as an unexpected surprise and Haley is a 2 years in the making baby. I can't find my preggy-of-Keanna photo so I'll just share these instead.

Photo above was taken April of 2009. We took part in the Easter Madonna & Child Fashion show held at Manila Ocean Park. I was 2 months preggo with Roey at that time. I didn't have issues at the early part of my pregnancy with her but had difficulty when I grew bigger.

My tummy grew big and low that it gave me difficulty walking. People who sees me thinks that I'm already on my 9th month of pregnancy even if it was just the 7th. I had to file for a leave of absence twice because traveling from Quezon City to Makati City was tough. I was still working at Convergys at that time and luckily scheduled 5am to 2pm. I was so happy that as soon as I get off from work, the malls are still open and there were plenty of food stalls available for the picky eater me. I craved for Fuji apples, Zagu's Buko Pandan in Baby Z servings and buttered corn kernels from SM Hypermart. I gave birth to Haley Roneese on the same date stated in my UTZ, maxed out the 40 weeks of pregnancy! She weighed 6.2 lbs while Keanna was just 5.5 lbs. The pregnancy and labor with Roey was definitely hard as compared to Keanna. I had to cure UTI twice, vomited several times, felt hip and joint pains, had about 8 hrs of labor, suffered pain with all the IEs done and found out that I have a heart shaped uterus.

As opposed to all the physical pain I had with Roey, I can say that my pregnancy with Keanna wasn't hard even if it was my first. I vomited just once though the issues I had that time was heartburn & minor UTI. I guess my present OB Gyne was right that the burning pain was brought about by the high level of urinary track infection. I'm not sure if the infection is something brought by eating salty French Fries, fried potatoes and sweet Halo Halo which I craved for. I also liked bananas, siomai and Yakult. I know I was to give birth that 23rd of July (2002) when I was awaken as early as 3am with a different kind of pain plus "the show". My Mom said that we should already go to the hospital but I refused since I still would like to wait for the real labor pain and watch "Alicia" which is a telenovela of ABS CBN. I took a bath and dressed up passed 12:30nn, informed hubby about our trip to the hospital (haha!) and gave birth few minutes after 2pm. I only have to give few pushes to my tiny Ate Keanna. I remember to having been so cool while all the nurses were panicking. It's really nice to have MAMA around that time.

All the pain paid off, I'm blessed with 2 lovely and adorable daughters! It was all worth it and I love them both to pieces! And before I forget, I'd like to greet my MAMA a happy birthday (May 06) and happy mother's day too! For more Pink Friday & Mommy Moments entries, just click the badges below. Have fun and happy mother's day to all of us! Cheers!

mommy moments


Ms. Earth LIKE Summer!

Hi there fellow moms and bloggers!

I was up so early and cooked breakfast since hubby’s work schedule is as early as 7am. I then woke him up just to find out that his VL was approved. He's with us until tomorrow. LoL! Since I’m already awake, I decided to go online, started adgitizing, visited my doll in It Girl (yes! I still play ‘coz I got a little envious of my daughter whenever I see her dress up her girl), read emails and personal messages. Amongst these messages I received, I’d like to share one to you all. It would be a great way to help out my mommy friend, Zharine. She is by the way the lovely and supportive wife of actor Cris Villanueva.

Mommy Zharine, Keanna and Me

Here’s the message:

Love note

Good morning! It's a fine day in Calapan, Mindoro. Preparing for the Launch of Green Calapan & Press Conference sched this morning. Everyone is excited for the Long Gown competition tomorrow evening. Le's pray together for a successful and just competition. Continue voting for Zee. We still need about 5k votes till May 20. If only we work on 10 assured votes each we can possibly win this. But we won't be able to do this without your help. So please please, let's keep the votes coming. Share the links and spread the word. God bless!


So there goes the message. Let’s all help ZEE win the Ms. Photogenic & the title itself by 2 simple clicks.

First is of course to LIKE Ms. Philippines Earth’s Facebook page:


And then click on Zee’s photo and it will bring to the page where you can cast your votes by your LIKEs.


Thank you so much everyone! Let’s all make this Zee’s most unforgettable summer adventure, so as mine. My first summer without Mama with us. All I can do now is reminisce happy summers with her. Here’s one photo of a summer visit at Buhi, Camarines Sur. My Dad took this shot if I’m not mistaken.

My share for GT & Nostalgia today. For more fun and cool unforgettable summer & nostalgic posts, just click on the badges below. Happy Thursday everyone!



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