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Pilipinas Got Talent Season2 Champion Marcelito Po Moy

This was his audition video I got from YouTube. just like when I saw Sarah Geronimo and Charice before, I already have a feeling this guy will definitely make it big. I was indeed right. Congrats Marcelito for winning PGT's Season 2. We are excited for the next season and I heard that they are already conducting mall auditions.

Here is his amazing winning video. I am sure you'll definitely agree that he deserve the title.

Congratulations Marcelito Po Moy. I feel glad that he is reunited with his family too. Hooray Filipinos!


Messy Cutie Pie in Purple

I took this photo of Roey at the Aberdeen Court last June 15 during a cousin's wedding. Ate Keanna already blogged about little Roey's Blue mess (seen in her tongue here) last week. Check it HERE. She's wearing a floral Purple dress given by my friend Irish. It is a hand-me-down, yes! I liked it a lot that I was so excited to have Roey wear it that day I learned that we are to attend a wedding. You may be wondering why she's not wearing any shoes at all...haha! I had to remove her Pink Ipanema because it's a little loose. I didn't want to lose it since it was a gift from Roey's Ninong Ryan, one of my childhood friends.

I'm joining COPS and MGR today. Click on these badges to see more entries!

Life and then Som


Class Picture

I actually studied in 3 different schools when I was in elementary. I studied at San Antonio Elem. School in MuÑoz, QC when I was in 1st and 2nd grade. In Buhi North Central School (Buhi, Camarines Sur) from 3rd to 5th grade and in Esteban Abada Elem. School (Project 7, QC) when I was in 6th grade. The photo above was our 6th grade class picture. A classmate posted this via Facebook.

Can you locate where I am? Alright, I am seated at the 2nd row, 2nd girl from our adviser. Did you like our Pink skirt? It is cute to wear Pink especially for me who is gaga over Pink and Pink 5 of Bioman which is very famous that time. This photo received lots of views and comments already. My classmates that are my FB friends too, are already planning of a get together soon. I hope it will materialize. I've gained so many friends there even if I only stayed for a year. Reason is, almost half of our batch studied in the same High School. LoL!



20 Months

Monday of next week, I'll soon have a 20 months old toddler. Haley has become so active and has learned a lot already. Most often, I tell myself that time really pass by so fast. Not so long ago, she was still wearing this pair of White baptismal shoes.

Not so long ago, she would easily cry or smile for reasons she can't really tell yet. Now, she can already say words though most we cannot understand yet. But for me, her mother, I know when she's hurt, I know when she is hungry, I know when she's sleepy and even when she wants to go outside. I can understand her language and I am glad I do. I wouldn't have if I'm still working. I am honestly hesitant when I resigned from IBM, it was really a tough decision to make. With all the benefits we were all enjoying, I had to think about it hundreds of times. My daughters are the reason why I had to give up working. It is true that it's quite hard that I don't earn the salary I was receiving then but I can say that the hugs, kisses, smiles, thank yous and sweetness both my daughters are giving me are enough as salary for me.

This is Roey now. Playful, and sometimes really silly. I'm glad I decided to be with her and Ate K. Advance happy 20th month my sweetie pie.

Thank you Ninang Irish for the Berry cute tee and shorts. Mwah!


Birthday Girl Swallowed Her Earring

My niece Hannah Lisette just turned one last June 16. And you have read it right, she is the toddler I am referring to, to have swallowed her earring. Here are some photos of her and her simple birthday celebration.

Baby Hannah in Red dress and Orange socks.

A Goldilocks cake from Kuya Vin.

The food.

So, really, what do you do when your child swallows her earring or ring?

- You can actually bring the child in the ER if they acted uneasy after the incident.
- You can request for an Xray to check where exactly it is located.
- Do not freak out, you just have to give it time because after 3-4 days or a week maybe, you'll find it in the child's stool.


What Would Make You Feel Like Levitating?

My official entry to LEVY's contest
"What are the things/situations that would make you feel like levitating?"

Few days before my Mom died December of last year, she was still able to write a set of numbers in a piece of paper. Some of you would have guessed it right. It was a set of numbers she asked me to play in Lotto. In case that set of numbers win me millions of pesos, that's definitely something that would make me levitate. I actually don't really need that much. With that statement, I am dreaming of winning too obviously. I guess, this is something normal to everyone. The question is, do I play Lotto religiously? NO, LoL! I rarely bet, actually. In case I win in one of the very few bets I have, it will not go to waste, that I'd like to ensure. Enough for the family and the kids' future, and help out those who are in need and worth helping out is what I really dream of.

For now, I'd like to have fun in this awesome contest for this may be a start of my levitation experience...in case I don't win the Lotto. LoL!

Kidding aside, having healthy, happy and witty kids is a treasure that makes me levitate everyday. My daughter gamely jumped for me in this photo. She's been there to hug, kiss and support me even at the hardest and darkest days of my life as a person. She would gamely give me unsolicited advice too, something that melts my heart every time. I even posted an advice she gave me HERE. So, if luck hits me in this contest, everything will be for my daughters.

Now, if you would like to enter the contest too, click HERE for all the info you need. Have a blast and enjoy each levitation!


I am LEVYtate-ting!

Have you ever imagined yourself winning a total of $500 prize from a blog contest? Well, stop imagining because it may just come true with LEVYousa and Living Life To the Fullest's anniversary contest. By the way, you've read it right. She's giving away a total of $500 prizes with the help of the following sponsors:

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Check out more about this fabulous contest here.


Model Wannabe

As you can see, Keanna is a little younger here. She's at the roof deck part of Trinoma in front of Starbucks. The braided hair is actually fake, haha! It is attached to her Pink headband/cap. I miss the times when she would gladly pose for me like this. She's a model wannabe. Her light Violet blouse is from Gingersnaps and Brown shorts from SM. I was able to keep this pair and had them ready for little Roey to wear. He he!


Orange & White Backtracks

I won tickets to the 2008 Nickelodeon KIDS' Choice Awards which was held here in the Philippines. It was a contest by TV5 network and my daughter Keanna was definitely ecstatic about it. She saw KC Concepcion there and so as enjoyed lots of games and freebies.
You can read my post about the win here.

This is my late entry for Orange Tuesdays hosted by Mommy Shengkay.

This next set is me and my younger daughter Roey when she was less than a month old. Obviously, this was taken using a webcam, ha ha! Babies are known to be so fragile that we have to ensure their safety and cleanliness too. When she was little, she always wear White tie-side tees and pajamas.
Most of my friends commented that in these 2 photos, Roey looks like me. At last! LoL! Keanna is a total carbon copy of her Daddy, that is why.

Serves as my entry to Wednesday Whites by Mommy Raya.


Friends by the Sea



Dallas Mavericks, 2011 NBA Champion

Dallas Mavericks beat the Miami Heat in Game 6, 105-95. It is as well their very first NBA crown. Imagine the feeling of their first championship in their three-decade NBA existence. Game 6 was held at Miami Heat's home court in Florida. Though the Heat guys were determined to regain their confidence, they somehow failed this one.

Hubby is just so happy! He wouldn't tell me but he's bet on this team. I was teasing him a while ago at half time that the Heats will win Game 6 and extend the series to Game 7. He was just shouting with hooray and feel like singing. I know, my FB newsfeed will flood with statuses about this game. Congrats to the team! Hooray!



It's well known that men have trouble displaying their emotions, Dadi is not an exception.
He would even rarely pose for the camera so he really has very few photos with our daughters. I have a number of cards made by Keanna for her Dad but I don't have a photo of them so I'll just share some captured moments.
The first time dad way back 2002.

With then 3 yo Keanna Steffi at Baguio.

Silly moments with Keanna.

With 1 month old Haley Roneese, November 2009.

Dadi and Roey, May 2011.

My share for:

mommy momentsPhotobucket


Bye Summer!

I still regret that we didn't get to join my cousins in the last family reunion/summer outing in Batangas. Look at how happy they were..without us! LoLz.

Yes! I'm looking forward to next year's summer getaway. For now, let's all bid summer a goodbye.

I'm linking up to this memes:


Off to Baguio

I've been to Baguio twice already and I definitely love it there. It was during my 28th birthday when I've thought of a family escapade away from home. My Mom has always dreamed of going to Baguio, hubby and Keanna at the same tie has never gone to Baguio too. That made me decide for this 2 days trip.

I took a picture of them, first timers,hehe! Little Keanna, 3 yrs old then in a Pink tee & trousers was caught blowing a tiny petal she picked from the road.

The trip also served as a gift to myself, so there should be a solo picture, right? LoLz. We were able to relax a bit and enjoyed the cool & fresh air. SM Baguio was already in existence then and the place we were able to rent was just 5 minutes walk away, so we've dine in and out of the mall too! The Pink crochet hat Keanna's wearing in the first photo is really mine. I bought it from Baguio the first time I visited the place back in 1997. The cellphone pouch/bag I have here is something that I still use up to now.

Life and then Som


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