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Best advice from a 6 yo kid

I was once sad and teary-eyed when my daughter came closer and gave me a hug. Then, she said:

"Hayaan mo na lang po Mom, wag mo na lang isipin yun. Pag naiiyak ka, naiiyak din ako eh! Ang isipin mo na lang is magkasama tayo."
("Let it be Mom, don't think about it anymore. It makes me cry too when I see you cry. Just remember that we're here together.")

So instead of giving in to cry, I smiled. I was surprised to hear complete set of Tagalog sentences from her plus it was so meaningful that it really touched my heart. I almost melt. I'm so thankful that in a way, she somehow understands situations in LIFE. Hays, I wish that she continue to grow as sweet and understanding as she is now.

I am so thankful of having you my dear KEANNA. And did I say Mommy is so proud of you too? Hugs to you my dearest, you're the BEST! Mwah!



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