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Kwela Keanna

We were about to leave yest (Me, K & Mama) when Keanna saw his Daddy's wallet. The wallet showcases (haha) the thick bonus Daddy got and I whispered something to Keanna.. Mommy: "Keanna, go ask Daddy few peso for the cab". Keanna: "Daddy, that's plenty...can I ask some?". Daddy: "Okay, take it all (handing her all of it)..hehe!" Keanna: "Yaikks! That's too many, I need 4 pcs of P500. It's enough for a cotton candy!" Daddy: Hahaha! Cotton Candy for 2K?We all ended laughing when Daddy gave her P100 in the end. LoL. Silly moment!

This is her new art work. Inspired by the kites she saw at the Rizal Park when we visited Manila Ocean Park. I was out when Mama got curious why Keanna is so quiet upstairs (normally you'd hear her talking,reading or singing). She called out Keanna to go down but as if she wasn't heard at all. So, she decided to go up quietly just to take a peek of Keanna and saw that the little girl is coloring her butterfly. Keanna has already attached a string to her little kite but she can't make it fly so she decided to just wear it like this...


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