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MGR #1: To The Laundry Basket

Messy, right? That's not blood you're looking at though. My little Roey (Haley Roneese) was wearing this blouse yesterday and made this mess. She actually had a little arm injury. My Mother-in-law said Roey's arm was accidentally twisted as she was trying to stop the little one from running after a boy. Roey cried her heart out and couldn't move and wouldn't use her right arm after that. Ate Keanna bought a scoop of chocolate ice cream to share to her little sister for the latter to at least stop crying and forget the pain. That explains the mess on Roey's shirt and it landed the laundry basket as soon as we got home. It's dry now actually.

We brought Roey to the ER of the nearest hospital and my worried Mother in law asked the doctor for an Xray request. The results will be up later by 6pm. The attending physician looked upon the films as soon as they were out and said that we'll have to wait for the results for the exact diagnosis but so far, he didn't see anything wrong. It could have been a pulled muscle that caused the pain which requires cold compress instead and Ibufropen to ease the pain.

We were at SM Novaliches yesterday because we accompanied hubby's mom to buy a gift for our neighbor who turned 100 years old yesterday. The kids were excited since it was also day 1 of the "3 Day Sale" at SM. Well, nobody really wanted it to happen and it was an accident so there should be nothing or no one to blame.

This will serve as my entry to the new meme we have made at my daughter's BLOG . Come and grab the meme badge and join the fun!


MM: Black & White

I don't have much photo of my daughters in B&W but I luckily found these to share for this week's theme in Mommy Moments. These photos were taken back in September,2008 at Fontana, Pampanga during our team building. I was able to bring Keanna with me.

Striking a pose even it's a little windy.

Was able to experience riding a real chariot.
Kids will be kids...
Enjoying a slice of her favorite fruit.

While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.

~Angela Schwindt

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To Have & To Reminisce

Techy Thursday for GTs today. We'll all post gadgets we treasure or would die to have, and I'm encouraged to share mine. Although, I really couldn't tell as to when I can tag one as MINE. Ha ha! I need to work and earn a lot to get this gadget, oh boy!
a 16.2 MP DSLR camera.

I've been wanting to get a replacement for my digital camera, be it DSLR or not. When I was little, I love to look at beautiful photographs and when I learned to use a camera, I kept buying colored films and ended having several albums at home. My hubby was surprised that I have tons of pictures since he only have a few. Printed photographs are of treasure to me, I guess I'm just really like my Mom. Every photo has its sentimental value especially if its of a person you love. I saw photos of my parents from my archive which I remember to have scanned.
Few more sleeps and it's going to be my parents' month. My Dad would have been 65 on May 2 and Mama 68 on the 6th. I miss them a lot especially Mama. I just remind myself that they're happy to be together now. The thought that they are at a much peaceful and happier place with HIM in heaven just makes me smile.


WW: Ready To Ice

Aside from my daughter's little biz of selling what we Filipinos call "Halo-Halo", we also sell ice. And since it is scorching hot for the past few days, the freezer gets emptied easily. I failed to make some last night and decided to do it today instead. Here's what we have for just Php 2.50 (competitors sell their ice for Php 3.00).

ready to ice


Our Holy Week

Since hubby works in a BPO industry, they still have work even during the Holy Week. So, I was left with the kids the whole of the Lenten season. We were able to participate in the Palm Sunday mass. I had them watch Joseph: King of Dreams. We joined the procession last Good Friday. It was their first time and I was glad that we brought Roey's stroller that time. We woke up before 5am last Easter Sunday to join what we Filipinos call the "Salubong".

I regret that I wasn't able to bring my camera during the Easter Sunday early dawn procession. As a parent, I'd like my kids to realize in the early part of their lives that HE suffered for each one of us. So, by simply getting up very early to join the procession, going to church and through praying, we are already giving HIM "thank yous". My elder daughter can understand it already and I thank my Mom for helping me out on that.

We normally go out and join Easter egg-hunting at the malls for the past few years but skipped that activity this year. I wasn't feeling well since Saturday after a minor home clean up. I'll just upload photos of my bunny princesses next time. Anyhow, I had them enjoy making bubbles instead.

How about you, how was your Holy Week?



Nostalgia: Gift of Friendship

I was looking for a certain photo in my multiply account when I stumbled upon these. I suddenly missed my other family...them! I have never imagined how deep our team bonded, how tight our relationships were....ARE! There were plenty of happiness, laughters, brainstorming, some dramas and tears too! However different we are from each other, we have all embraced each one's uniqueness. We have accepted our limitations, helped each one of us to develop and nurtured our talents to excel. I was gifted with friends that I consider as my family.

I miss each one of them. We all live miles apart from each other and some chased their dreams abroad. Others are still in the same company and some moved to a different one. We are all busy individuals now and it is quite hard to plan for a get together that everyone will be able to attend. But who knows, that time may come. I'd like to experience playing like a kid again and remind Ched toi "Rub your magic 8 gently". LOL!

For now, all I can do is reminisce everything we have shared; remember what I've learned from them and cherish the friendship that we still have. They were all but GIFTS to love. I'm so thankful I have 'em. I miss you all!

Looking at these photos bring back memories to me so this will be my entry for Nostalgia. For more "nostalgic" posts please hover and click on the badge below. Have a blessed "Holy Thursday" everyone!



WW: Fontana Rewind

These photos were taken at Fontana Leisure Parks & Casino in Clark Field, Pampanga back in 2008. I was given the permission of my colleague Ali to use his photos in our meme. These were his shots using his Nikon D80.
I think this is indeed Mr. Potato Head

They look like water machines.

Ali tagged this as "nosebleed".

It was our team building that time but I brought my daughter Keanna with me. Unfortunately, we were there Monday morning which was also the scheduled pool cleanup.

Keanna may have not enjoyed the waters at all but definitely had fun.


A Late Thank You Post

Last March, my kids and I attended Ehrin's birthday party. I left my camera at the party by accident. My friends Sonia and Vic gave it back to me few weeks after. They said that a service crew at Jollibee surrendered it to them.

(Sonia, Vic and their lovely kids)
They were also kind enough to lend me their camera during the graduation of Keanna as a McDo Kiddie crew (my camera batteries were drained). 'Coz of that, I was able to capture photos of my daughter on the said event as souvenirs.
Thank you as well for taking good care of the sleeping toddler Ninong Vic (He is Haley's Godfather), while I was busy taking pictures of big sister Keanna. He He! I owe you & Mareng Sonia a lot!
The red camera bag is theirs. Again, through this blog post, thank you Sonia and Vic. 'Hope that we can spend a summer getaway together with our other friends at least before you leave for NZ.
MellowYellowMondayBadgeSmiling Sally


Shadow Shot Sunday: 2 Kids & a Lamp

I'm not really sure as though why I was so looking forward to joining the meme. There's just one thing for sure, that I love looking at great photos and most can be found in...

This first photo is my soon-to-be 18 months old toddler. Taken inside a mall near our place. I couldn't explain why my kiddo loves to keep walking. When I got the chance, I took this shot. I already have my old P&S camera back and this is what I captured.

This other photo is from my archive. This was taken by me using a Nikon D80 (which isn't mine, haha!).

And these are the most recent photos of my kids. They played in the garage the other afternoon and last April 15, we visited my Mom at the Holy Cross Cemetery. It was the 4th month since she passed away last December. We truly miss her.

Have a great Sunday everyone! Holy Week is up next.


The Road from the 49th

It's a Saturday! I'm joining PhotoHUNTER and today's theme is "ROAD". I found an old photo in my archive.

That's my daughter Keanna sitting by the 49th floor window of no less than the tallest building in Metro Manila, the PBCom Tower. That road you see below is Ayala Avenue. That's in Makati City which is also known as the business capital of the Philippines.


PF & MM: K & J

I'm joining Mommy Moments and Pink Fridays in one blog post again. The theme for MM today is "birthday photo". I'd like to share one of the happiest birthday celebrations my elder daughter, Keanna had. It was fun because we were able to celebrate it with my & hubby's HS friends, my closest cousins with their kids were there too and my "from-online-to-real-life-friends" attended as well. That includes Jen, fab mom of our darling Jillian Ward (aka Trudis Liit). She was with her daughters Jermaine and Jillian.

After 3 years, it was Jillian's turn to celebrate her 6th birthday. We are privileged to have been invited. We definitely enjoyed the star-studded party at McDonald's T.Morato where we've seen a LOT of pinks too. Keanna got her hair curled as she have requested and wore the skirt I made for her which I have written about in my other blog.

As expected, the birthday celebrant is unstoppable. We really can't identify where she get all the energy. She's definitely very charming, smart and lovable. Her party spelled F-U-N and F-A-B! Of course, aside from the kids, Moms had fun too! I was able to chat a little with my friends. And Oh I was wearing Pink. Ha ha!

Check out other beautiful entries by visiting Mommy Moments and Pink Thoughts or by just clicking the badges below. Happy Friday everyone!

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