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My Friends Did MULTIPLY!

It as through a dear friend, and former colleague that I learned about Multiply. I have been a member since October 22, 2005. Yes! It has been that long and I am so thankful to this site and to my friend Ched because, my friends did multiply. About the same month and year when I also joined FemaleNetwork, GirlTalk to be specific. From these, ideas, and all sorts of learning flowed in. I have learned a lot. I really mean a LOT - from parenting, kids, shopping, work and even party planning ideas!

It was just very recent when Multiply announced that they will soon end their services. Me and all my Multiply Mommy friends felt that sadness the news brought in. Now, we have to act before it is too late. I have lost some photos when Friendster bid farewell and I would not want that to happen again with a lot of our photos and posts in Multiply. There are still 3 months to prepare and transfer everything so I will definitely ensure to save all.


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