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2nd Birth Anniversary

An impromptu poem for my daughter, Roey.

I thank HIM for the miracle of life,
I thank HIM for HE knows when the time is right.
I thank HIM for bringing you to our lives,
And bring such a light and happy vibes.
May you grow up to be fulfilled and humble;
God-fearing and strong even when you stumble.
Keep that smile on your face,
Say Please and Thank You so HE will bestow you HIS grace.
May HE give you the best of health,
so much love and many good friends!

Happy 2nd Birthday my bubbly and sweet Haley!

Lots of hugs and kisses for you our little darling!
Mommy loves you and Ate Keanna a lot! Mwah!


A Once In A Lifetime

Weddings are a once in a lifetime event, so every woman's dream is for it to be special, if not very special. It's a dream come true. Just like in fairy tales, it is the start of a happy-ever-after. Along with all the excitement is the thrill and so as the worries wedding preparations may bring. It has to be just perfect, right?

I remember to have helped a friend and a cousin during the preparations of their " I Do!" days. Of course, I am part of the entourage too. And at that young age, I have realized that there are indeed a lot to prepare for a special event like weddings. Luckily, there were a lot of magazines you can rely on for party and wedding checklists. Internet wasn't that grand at the time. We are lucky that wedding checklists are now available online. And, it is not just the checklists but so as wedding planners. There are numerous wedding organizers that makes all the preparations an ease for the bride and groom.

From planning every little detail including ideas for unique wedding favours up to the execution of each of these plans in every ceremony that may be included. Now the said planning, preparations and so as decision making takes months so as not to miss any important detail. Yes, even the place card holders for weddings.

There are numerous things we have to consider too in getting a wedding planner for a very special event. Cost, reliability & availability, location, packages and word-of-mouth does help a lot too. You may want to ask friends and relatives too on whom to rely on when it comes to planning your special wedding. The wedding should turn out perfectly - a happy and memorable one - just like every couple's dream.


Princesses In Style

My girls are growing up so fast and I couldn't help them when they want to have fun at home or when we are out. We attended Isabel's 7th birthday last Saturday which was held at Max's Restaurant, Robinson's Galleria in Ortigas. My girls and so as all the kids were requested to come in their Prince and Princess costumes. Keanna wore her Pink & Blue gown. It was her gown from a friend's wedding when she was asked to be the flower girl. Roey, on the other hand, wore a Red ball dress which is another hand-me-down from Ninang Irish which originally came from another friend in Colorado. Of course, their tiara's completed the princess look.

Since last Saturday was the 10th month since Mama passed away and we were not able to visit her, Roey and I decided to drop by the cemetery last Monday instead. Right after we went to Ate Keanna's school ( it is their exam week), we bought flowers and spent few minutes at Mama's grave.

My little fashionista is turning 2 in few days and in the second photo, she wore yet another hand-me-down set. The White blouse and the denims are again given by Ninang Irish. Her cute blouse is from our friend in CDO and the denims are from North Carolina (if I am not mistaken). Just so you'd know, there were times that she picks what she wants to wear, even in shoes. She's developing her own style at a very young age, I must say.


Join BC Bloggers

BC Bloggers is back! It has s a very nice setup where you as a blogger don't have to beg for links. As we all know, leaving backlinks from websites by commenting does not guarantee any link juice. The site can use no follow so it is indeed as hit or miss as BC Blogger mom mentioned. But if you join BC bloggers, you'll get what you really want and need. The BC Blogger blogrolls are do follow and so as linked to the homepage. So, if you are a blogger like me, join us at BC Bloggers. It's best to subscribe too to get the latest about the said site.


Offline For A Week

It has been a while since I got the chance to post something here. Why? Well, aside from the lack of time, the big time reason is that we don't have any internet connection for almost 7 days now. What a waste of time, right? I am currently using a Globe Tattoo USB stick and my SIM card to connect to the net. Thanks to a dear friend for lending this to me. I missed a lot of opportunities in blogging and in ODesk. I can't go and rent a computer everyday when I have a toddler in tow. I tried it for 2 hours but realized it's totally difficult. This week has been so stressful. Doubts, fear, anger, irritation, pain, happiness and a lot more type of emotion consisted this week.
I can no longer count as to how many times I have called the technical support department of Globe Broadband to follow up on our connection issues. Now, I think the stress this week has brought me has added colds and a possible UTI..ouch! I'm gonna have to do a water and Buko juice therapy to self heal. I really don't want to rely on taking medicines at once unless necessary. And while we didn't have any internet access, I took time to read, watch, play and do the laundry.

Still I have tons of clothes to iron and fold. Plus, I got the chance to check on my active contracts and tons of tasks awaits me! Haha! Spell good luck to me!


PF: Barney Everyday

Both my girls grew up watching Barney and they both liked Blue and Hi5 too. But, Roey here is quite different from her big sister. She's become so fond of Barney that no one's allowed to use the portable DVD player other than her. So addicted to Barney that no other movie can be played. Well, she agreed to watch Blue's Clues a while ago but did not ask to have it repeated unlike the "Barney Goes To School" which she watched for about 4x yesterday. I actually don't have anything against Barney, it's just that Ate K is already complaining she can't watch Barbie, SSC and Hannah Montana anymore especially when the toddler is awake. Just so you'd know, the portable DVD player was our birthday gift to Ate K last year, so it's hers. The fact gives her the right to complain but as I always tell her, sharing is FUN! And that's what they learned from Barney too. Ha! Ha!

We got a package today containing 3 VCDs, Hi5, Barney & Angelina Ballerina. It was a present from my boss based in UK, John. He's so nice to have Christine of Arteta Online to buy and have these sent to us. Roey got sick if you would remember which somehow made me skip work. My boss understood the situation being a parent himself and insisted to have something for my little girl. It's really nice that we are surrounded by people with good hearts. Thank you John & Christine. Oh! Did you know that Christine makes pretty pettiskirts? Check out her website, The Pettiskirt.


MM: Mommy's Hobby

I have several things to consider as my hobby. For now, I can still name a few like making hair bows, reading, watching TV series, playing online games and with kids, make chocolate lollipops, cook and go out.

I'd like to take photography as a hobby too but for now, it's just too expensive of a hobby for me. I click a lot though and do some editing using Photoshop too. Oh! Digital scrap booking is also a hobby of mine.

My Hair bows are great as gifts.

These choco lollies are nice for party giveaways too.

mommy moments


McDonald's GC

A little person is all smiles today as she received Php300 Mc Donald's gift certificate from Drypers. Thank you Drypers for the early birthday present for my little lady. She was totally happy to see Ronald McDonald in the GCs. LoL!


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