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PF: Barney Everyday

Both my girls grew up watching Barney and they both liked Blue and Hi5 too. But, Roey here is quite different from her big sister. She's become so fond of Barney that no one's allowed to use the portable DVD player other than her. So addicted to Barney that no other movie can be played. Well, she agreed to watch Blue's Clues a while ago but did not ask to have it repeated unlike the "Barney Goes To School" which she watched for about 4x yesterday. I actually don't have anything against Barney, it's just that Ate K is already complaining she can't watch Barbie, SSC and Hannah Montana anymore especially when the toddler is awake. Just so you'd know, the portable DVD player was our birthday gift to Ate K last year, so it's hers. The fact gives her the right to complain but as I always tell her, sharing is FUN! And that's what they learned from Barney too. Ha! Ha!

We got a package today containing 3 VCDs, Hi5, Barney & Angelina Ballerina. It was a present from my boss based in UK, John. He's so nice to have Christine of Arteta Online to buy and have these sent to us. Roey got sick if you would remember which somehow made me skip work. My boss understood the situation being a parent himself and insisted to have something for my little girl. It's really nice that we are surrounded by people with good hearts. Thank you John & Christine. Oh! Did you know that Christine makes pretty pettiskirts? Check out her website, The Pettiskirt.


Christine @ The Pettiskirt October 10, 2011 at 7:46 AM  

Wow!!! Special mention ang Arteta Online and The Pettiskirt.

Thank you so much!!!!!!

I love you Keanna and Roey!


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