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Early Christmas Gifts

A lovely lovable friend informed me she's here in the Philippines and wanted to meet me and the kids. We had a great time at Conti's in Trinoma. And she's so nice to have given us these:

The kids were excited with their new tees so the next week, they both wore the Gap tees as we head over to Toy Kingdon in SM City The Block.
We were suppose to check out the Richwell sale that day but I was hesitant having them with me plus the fact that it was raining hard at that day. I decided not to go, said "pass" on that big warehouse sale. There's still a lot coming up for sure. Besides, I would need more than enough money so I can also get something for other kids that are special to us. I actually have thought of something for the girls but has not decided yet what to give the boys this year. I need to do some brainstorming to come up of something creative. =)

Thank you friend. You know who you are. GOD bless and keep in touch!


ME Time: Foot Spa

After such a long time, I finally had a chance for a ME time. I had a Foot Spa at Reyes Haircutters. It may have not been an exclusive "ME only" time since I was with Roey, I still had the chance to pamper myself.

We were the first customer that day. I decided to head over the parlor/spa after going to the post office.

At the post office, I was able to claim a pretty headband and bow from Girly Girl Boutique. Sent 4 post cards to friends too.

The Foot Spa procedure cost me just Php250 and it was worth it. It was very soothing and relaxing too. Their staff who took care of me was also a Mom like myself and was very accommodating and nice.

I was hesitant to post my feet photo but I so love the Blue Violet nail polish and decided to still show off my ginger-looking-toes. Ha ha!

My feet felt so smooth, cool and soft right after the procedure. I will definitely go back sometime next month? Or maybe after 6 months! LoL!


Dustless Chalks for Kids

I had this Crayola Dustless Chalk bought for sometime now and had my kids use them just recently.

It may look just like the ordinary chalk but choosing this over the cheaper and ordinary one does have benefits. Aside from the fact that it writes smoother without scratch, it also doesn't break easily.

Having a child with skin asthma ain't easy especially if she loves to doodle a lot. My elder daughter was advised by her dermatologist not to directly hold chalks because it leaves particles in her hand which causes it to itch and develop rashes. In addition, ordinary chalk's particles floats in the air which we get to inhale. With a dustless chalk, this can be avoided. Its particles are too heavy which directly falls to the ground instead of floating. My elder daughter didn't complain of itching after using it. She enjoyed drawing for her younger sister, actually.


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