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She's 7 and I'm on my 8th

It has been a while since I last posted a blog. There has been a LOT of happenings in our life that I could have shared but failed to do so. My last post was when I found out that I was 6 wks pregnant, lol... I'm on my 8th month now. Our soon-to-be-Ate Keanna already turned 7 yo last July. Here are some pics of her celebration at Shakey's.

Another year will be added to my age as well in 7 days from now and I'm quite excited 'xoz after that, I'm near to giving birth already. I'm wishing and praying for a safe delivery. We are expecting a healthy baby GIRL too. Yes! Another girl for us and I'd like to name her Roneese. It's just like a female version of Ronald, my hubby. Hehe! It's quite unique right? I'm still to convince or make Daddy decide whether to add Hannah or Daphne to our 2nd baby's name. Keanna just can't wait to see her sibling soon. She's been practicing to be an ATE to her baby doll she named Bea. I find it cute and sweet whenever she talks to her doll, whenever she dresses her up and whenever she sings as well.

Included in the "happenings" of life when I was quiet from blogging are developments in my pregnancy (cravings of course!), work related issues, finding new and long lost friends in FB, and Keanna's school standing and activities too. I had to rest from work for 2 wks last July since I had difficulties travelling from Novaliches to Makati. I was back the day after we celebrated Keanna's 7th birthday party and everyone at work would suggest I go back and rest again since my tummy is as big as a 7 mos pregnant. I had difficulty walking especially when it rains, I had to be extra extra extra careful. We transferred from PBCom building to our new office in the 7th floor of Glorietta 5 which I find better and convenient too. I don't have to ride a cab, a bus or an FX after getting off from Buendia station, At least now, I just have to get off directly at Ayala station and have about a 5mins walk to Glorietta 5. I had to wait to go back on track as per my performance (work) stats to pass before I applied for yet another 2 wks leave of absence. I was suppose to be back last Sept 6 but hubby and I decided to extend it until I give birth then continue with my Maternity Leave. That means, I will say hello work by December. I have to rest as per my OB Gyne's advice 'coz I am anemic and still having difficulties travelling. We were just careful and I also don't want to give birth prematurely. So, even if I'd still like to go work (for extra income of course!), I have to stop and rest for a while... not just for my benefit but mainly for baby.

Keanna on the other hand, is now in Grade 2. The original class when they were in Grade 1 was divided into 2 sections this time. She's joined the History quiz bee and ended 1st runner up (no award though). She's joined Filipino declamation contest but didn't win as well, which she's still accepted with a smile. I'm proud of her still. She had 6 absences already just for the 1st qtr 'coz she got sick which affected her performance. She landed Top 5 of their class for the 1st quarter. She's now working on getting back on track though. Good thing is I'm at home and I can always monitor and help her.

Thanks to a friend (AC) for sharing her new food/recipe blog to us 'coz I was reminded to update mine! Haha! And, I might share some of my recipes too... if I can at least before giving birth by October.


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