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Summer 2014 Has Started!

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Today has marked the hottest temperature we've experienced for 2014. So hot you want to dive in a pool as you see one. As per the early night news, the temperature was 35° but it felt like 38°, honestly. We attended my youngest Bro-in-law's high school graduation this afternoon and it really felt like summer! So I can say, Summer of 2014 has indeed started. Imagine hearing people's complain about the heat - which makes it even hotter. I am glad I no longer have to ride the MRT to and from work. One word to describe riding the MRT? Sardines!

And because of today's temperature, I started imagining Green grass under my feet. I'd like to feel nature, escape from the city's busy hot days. I am sure you would agree that even if the temperature is hot, the rural breeze somehow lessens it and makes a busy day an ease (somehow). I even remember a pin of a backyard I found from Pinterest - something I have been dreaming to have (Mama's dream too!). I heard her wish a backyard of plants in different sorts way back then. I know my kids would love to have their own little playground too (in the backyard of my dreams) and take care of their seeds by watering them and all. 

Having said all these, if you are also dreaming, planning and have already started your own garden or Green house maybe, check out  Access Hydroponic for gardening supplies. 

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