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The Valentine That Was

These Heart chocolates was given by hubby 2 days before Valentine's day. They taste good, really and I am asking for him to bring more. Haha! 

Fabruary 13-15 was my elder daughter's mid-quarter exams so they celebrated Valentine's and Teacher's Day last February 16 instead. I was able to buy a dozen of hand sanitizers for each of her teacher. We also made a personalized card/tag which we attached to the the sanitizer. Thanks to Sherry K Designs for the paper designs.

I was with little Roey when I brought the stuff to Ate K at her school in Sauyo Road. Little toddler cried out loud when big sister K had to go back to her classroom. Iguess she thinks she's as big as Ate K already and wants to be with kids at school.

Now, where is the cheapest play school here?


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