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What To Give Him or Her?

The Christmas countdown has started and gift giving is everywhere. Many people have their shopping list on hand and some have already wrapped their presents. Let us face it; this season is not just for kids. Christmas is for everyone. That is the reason why there are parties and exchange gifts. There are even themed gift giving. We normally prepare for something sweet, funny, naughty and sometimes we are required to bring a combination of something small and sexy. I am sure there’s a lot to find of these at Ann Summers . When you come across these themed exchange gifts (where food is not allowed), what do you give him or her?

Something Sweet
For Her
Stuffed Toys – These cuddly stuffed toys are considered sweet the fact the the toy itself somehow represents you as the giver. The receiver can hug and comfort you anytime.
Body Spray/Body Mist – Now these comes in different sizes and scents. Most of the bestseller scents are the sweet ones. Those that has fruity scents are a good choice too.
For Him
Car Perfume – Your guy would definitely appreciate the sweet thought of having a new car perfume. Something that will make him feel manly and fresh all the time even when caught in a heavy traffic.
Statement Shirt – Give your guy a statement shirt that says: “I’m a sweet BF” , “Sweetest Hubby Ever!” or “Proud to be a sweet DAD”.

Something Small and Sexy
For Her
Earrings – a pair of affordable but pretty earrings will be a very good idea for this particular theme. It is undeniably small but adds an appeal of sexiness to every woman.
Stockings or Sexy Lingerie - Black stockings are not big but so sexy when worn under a mini skirt. A sexy lingerie - a brassiere perhaps will be a perfect match to it too.

For Him
Sexy DVD movie – A movie that will excite the man will be perfect for this category. And if you got invited to see the movie with him, don't forget to bring some chips and dips.
Shaving Set – Who wouldn’t be happy to see a sexy newly shaved man?

Something Naughty
For Her
Lust Dust – Something naughty and unusual. I saw one from the net and it even said that the “magical power” of the powdery dust is true.
Do Not Disturb Glow in the dark door sign – Very simple but if it has a sexy photo in it, then it will simply ensure a little privacy or intimacy. Knock before you enter!
For Him
Adult Toys from Ann Summers - this is no doubt naughty, right? This particular theme is just easy if you are to give it to a guy.
Foreplay Timer – I did not know there is something like this but believes that this one is a bright idea for newly weds.
I just realized that naughty could be funny too and that some gifts can be categorized to different themes. Well, no matter what theme there is, the real essence is the fun and good act of giving whether you get something in return or not.
Have fun and happy holidays everyone!

Photo from Getty Images.


forgetmenot December 15, 2011 at 1:09 AM  

Thanks for the good ideas--always hard to find something that guys will like. Mickie :)

Anonymous December 16, 2011 at 2:19 AM  

bagay sakin ang something naughty wahahaha

Anonymous December 18, 2011 at 5:59 PM  

naku good for u ! , u have time to make this kind of list. at least i do have reference na!


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