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A JOYful Meet Up

My friend Joy came all the way from the south part of the metro to claim her prize from The Parvati Store at the Trinoma mall. She's lucky to have won in their Facebook contest and shared delicious treats with me.

We had lunch at Pizza Hut and headed to The Parvati Store for the much awaited dessert. Roey and I took home a Carrot Cake and a Triple Decker Chocolate Cheesecake while Joy had a Red Velvet Cake and box of Custaroons. I was surprised that Joy said she's not into cheesecakes after I picked the Triple Decker. I just can't resist how delicious the triple decked cheesecake looked like. The chocolate glazed on top of the soft cheesecake and so as the crunchy sweet crust was so appealing that I cannot say no to the dessert at all. It was sweeter surprise when Joy handed me the bag with the Carrot cake with it.
It was Roey's first time to have met Joy, so she wasn't really responding or reacting to her (yet) when we were having lunch. But, as soon as we escorted Joy to the exit of the Trinoma mall which serves as the entrance to the North Avenue MRT station, she blurted out a loud cry. There was a sudden attachment and the fact that a new friend is leaving, she felt so sad. I have to really be convincing when I told her that they will see each other again and we will see Santa Claus if we head over the grocery store. There wasn't a live Santa but I am glad there was a Santa decor near the giant Christmas tree at the entrance of the grocery store. We dropped by the bank for credit card payment, bought "Bangus Belly Sinigang" at the food court and headed home. I was surprise that the toddler only fell asleep in the cab when we were about to get off but instantly forgot about her nap upon seeing her Dad.

Thank you Joy!
It was a memorable meet up. A delicious one to be exact.
Thank you for the lunch, sweet treats and the cute hand-me-down clothes too!



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