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When a Child talks back

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Lucky - Me or my Recipe?

I was so sleepy when I submitted my Chicken and Cheese Toast recipe and yet it was picked to be one of the winners.. woohoo! I'm blogging it 2 weeks late..bwehehe!

Congrats to my online amigas as well...

I was inspired to submit yet another recipe...

And Hoping to win again..

Feeling LUCKY? Ehh!



Tooth Talk

The belief of a Tooth fairy originated in the US. It is another example of American folklore mythology just like Santa Claus and Easter Bunny, accdg to Wikipedia. =D

There were several rituals that kids in the US do in belief of the existence of a Tooth fairy in exchange of their tooth that fell off, most are coins, banknote or a present. Typically, children hides the lost tooth under their pillow and the tooth fairy will come while they're asleep leaving them with presents in replacement of the tooth. Others, leaves the tooth in a glass of water finding a coin or a gift when they wake up in the morning.

I have blogged about Keanna's set of baby teeth before on her own account:


Then came February, Keanna lost her tooth for the first time while straw drinking a shake last January 25. That was after our DOI experience. There was no pain, and no blood too. She was all excited about it. Just look at this and you'll see....

Now, she lost her two front teeth already. The first one fell off accidentally causing blood and tears from her. She was dancing and teasing her grand mama, was bumping her butt to Mama while she moved her hand towards her face. Unconscious of the speed and strength of her hand movement, she accidentally hit her mouth right to that tooth. The tooth that I always refer or call as the tooth who shouts "take me out pls!", haha!

1st front tooth resigned, April 5,2008

The second front tooth she lost last Saturday (April 12) when we were at McDonald's SM City NE. She was (again) straw drinking. History repeats itself as they always say, and again there's no pain or even a drop of blood. The tooth inserted itself on the tip of the straw and dropped in Keanna's palm. We ended up laughing. I still smile up to now when I remember when she asked me if she's still cute without her 2 front teeth.Of course, Mom ako eh, I said YES...

And because of that, she can still smile confidently..haha!

So does the Tooth fairy has anything to do with Keanna since it is less practiced here in the Philippines? Yes, there is. I told her of the Tooth Fairy rituals in the US and that we have our own rituals too. The only thing I can remember is that you have to throw your tooth upwards if it came from the lower part and bury if it came from the upper part. A friends told me that there's also a ritual wherein you are to say something like a chant for the mouse to hear..haha! Whatever!

Keanna's first permanent tooth (lower part) showed up already and so as her (permanent) far left molar. It is important to take care of our teeth and that is one of my frustrations...having a good set of teeth. I'm hating chocolate bars whenever I remember how I lost my two front teeth. Oh pls don't ask me how and why..geeezzz! I still love chocolates though! haha!

Anyway, I'd like Keanna's set to be as beautiful as possible. It would definitely a help in building a confident individual. At least, unlike Mommy here, she'll confidently look her best. I wanna teach her (am I sure it's me who's gonna do this?) how to keep her teeth and gums healthy. And these are just few steps to follow:

* Brush at least twice a day ( but I want her to get used to 3x a day brushing)

* Let her eat lots of fruits and vegetables and drink water instead of soda.

* Learn how to floss.

* Visit the Dentist twice a year.

and of course,not to forget to .....




Keanna Steffi and Alyza Juztyne are first cousins... Born the same year of 2002.. Year of the Horse (they both know that,hehe) AJ was just a month older than Keanna... She was born June 24 and Keanna, July 23... These are their pics when they were just 5 mos and 4 mos old respectively...

In these pics, most people think they are twins wherein the other is a little smaller.

I myself, if possible, I wanna see them grow up together and be close to each other as mush as possible. I think, even if they are just cousins, these little girls are both lucky to have each other. Best friends, playmates and cousins rolled into one..that's what I want them to be.

If only AJ lives near us, I'm sure they'll be inseparable.


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