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Jhaz's time to shine

Kate Jhazreel

She's 8 and like a daughter to me too. And just like Keanna and even before my dawty, she aspired to be a model too. I brought her to Adtraxx for a file VTR where Keanna had her chance as well. She had a lot of audition and VTR calls from Adtraxx but it is either they have previous engagements on the same date the audition was set or the family is out of town. Her mom, Esmeeh (my cuz) kept asking me when will she be "casted" or featured in a mag too.. Well, I don't know...I told her to wait. HE knows when is the right time.

First time, first pic submitted, and she got included in Milestones section of Momstoday. And Esmeeh got so excited of the prizes..hehe! To find out, she will be passing some of the tokens to our nephew Vin Ethienne.



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