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Hello January 2016...Bye!

Yes, it has been a while. And, time does fly really fast as we bid goodbye to January of 2016.

Tons of things has happened and changed. I would like to consider that change is always good. And that is how being optimistic is, I guess.

Anyways, one good news is that I have successfully completed and finished the January photo-a-day challenge of Fatmumslin in Instagram. Hooray!! Here's a collage of my January, 2016 posts. Well, there are only 31 photo-a-day entries but in this collage, I included 4 more posts I have to complete it.

Some of my friends (co-bloggers) have completed the month too and we are all excited for the "Love" month of February. Join us and keep clicking!

Glad there is Prinkl, collecting the images from IG and making it into a collage has never been this easy. They also have an option if you would like to have your images printed. Something I will have to think about. Having said that, I am more challenged to take good and high quality images... using my Lenovo A5000 mobile phone. That's right, no DSLR here. Just my reliable Lenovo phone.



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