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SAHM Project: Cologlitter it! (May 15)

I was at 168 Mall with Ched sometime last week and bought some stuff to be use in out TL's outfit or should I call it costume..that's for AT&T 4th Anniversary Firece Party on May 18. And of course, since I seldom go there,any mom would take advantage of great stuff you can find there for a cheap price.
Anyway, along with other personal stuff we bought was 2 framed girl drawings.

Got these for only P25 each (or P20, argh! memory gap, sorry!).
It came with 4pc pack of colored glitter glue.

Found it interesting so this is our May 15 entry to

Here's what we have accomplished.

Keanna's finished artwork.


Keanna and I had fun doing it.

We can have the frames replaced since it is detachable.

Cheap but fun-to-do and cute decors right?

CREATIVE imagination is humanity’s greatest resource, the foundation of all art, science and knowledge. - JOHN HOWKINS



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