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Walterbread April 2008

I just won last April by submitting a merienda recipe at walterbread.com and I already receive my Helth News mag (first of 1 yr free subscription) the other day. I got excited when I saw the prize they have for May and so decided to submit 3 more recipes. Of course, it can't be all in my name and so submitted the other 2 recipes in my Mama and hubby's name. I've been waiting for the May winners for few days now since I want to surprise my Mom. It was her birth anniversary last May 6 and I want this to be part of my gift to her. Now, I've just visited the site and viola! I was surprised that it wasn't just Mama who won but all three submissions! Weee! I called my Mama and showed it to her, she's excited and happy! Congrats to all other winners!



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