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Hard to say goodbye...

They always say there's no good in goodbyes. No one saw me cry for it was because my heart seemed unconscious.Confused maybe...there were so many feelings in it all at the same time. It was my longest stay in a company so far and definitely, it wasn't easy for me.

I have colds and wasn't really feeling well that last day of my shift. I completed the 8 hrs for a surprise! I didn't grab the VGH offer so, in the end, I had a long call. It was about wireless connectivity which in the end I referred out.

I've learned a lot not only from the new account but from the almost 70 months of stay. It was my happiest days working. I never thought I'd last that long and wanting to stay more. But I guess, I had enough of it. I had my time and it's about right for the young ones to shine. In a BPO industry, I've learned that you have to have a deeper sense of sensitivity, responsibility and open-mindedness. What you do isn't all that you learn from training, it's when you're in it already. You have to be creative and artistic too. It is a process you and your mind should absorb thoroughly. It is as well important to be patient bt keen and alert. Every call is like the famous line "LIFE is like a box of chocolates, you'll never know what you're gonna get".

Thanks to everyone, to all my original Dial Family. And to my UVerse family, keep it up guys! Always keep in mind, they can always set the bar high but they're not gonna do that if we... nah! YOU cannot reach it.

Baby dust to TL Dale and Sette...

NETSAT showers to the team ...

I will definitely miss y'all! Take care and GOOD LUCK!



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