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I miss CSI LV

About 4 years ago,I got curious and started watching CSI Las Vegas. Since it is mysterious with a touch of drama, it caught my attention and came to love it. Even my husband Ronald showed interest and would ask me about the characters if he missed an episode or so.
CSI is fast-paced and really interesting. I learned forensic terms and it somehow helped me become more analytic. There are times I feel that I am part of the team gathering evidences and wanting the crime resolved. There were moments that I too, is affected whenever they show women and children as victims.
The cast as well are remarkable. Their leader Gil Grissom (
William Petersen ) is an intelligent and caring person. I love his quotes too. The one I remember and truly believe on is:
"Concentrate on what cannot lie, the evidence."

It has been a while since I last watched the show I came to love. I've heard that Grissom is no longer part of the team, sad. I stopped at Season 6 and I don't think I finished it already. There's something that made me blog about this show, I am thinking of watching it again. I want to know the answers to my many questions. I missing a lot already. I'd go back watching CSI...tomorrow maybe? Haha! It's on its 10th season already.I have 4 seasons to catch up then.


Anonymous March 19, 2010 at 8:59 PM  

Hi mommy! Naku, we're both fans. I love CSI from the start. As in every Sunday, I try to catch the replay at AXN. I don't get to watch as often as before na rin.

Yes, Grissom left last season 9 when Brown died.. oops, spoiler alert. And Sarah's back so.. Its nice if you can watch again.

STEF March 19, 2010 at 10:42 PM  

haha...I will, review ko muna itong season 6, may DVD ako then I'll buy na lng nun 7-9 hehe...

isa pa itong LOST, huli na talaga ako, huhu! Nakakaloka pa naman yun sa dami ng mistery! lol

三杯雞Sam June 11, 2010 at 10:48 AM  



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