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It wasn't too long ago when Keanna was still pretending to be a big sister. She enjoyed playing with her little doll she named Bea and its little puppy she called Madonna. She would gladly prepare milk for Bea and give biscuits to Madonna as well.

Now, I am thankful of her many pretend plays as a toddler. She's learned a lot from it and now big enough to prepare milk for baby Roneese. She's looking forward to helping out in giving solids to her little sister,too. I even heard her say that if ever she decides not to marry or have kids (scared of giving birth), she'll adopt her sister instead. A little different, right? =)
But, I'm worried.
How can she be a protective Ate (big sister) if she's a little weak? Coward?Why?
I have never seen Keanna as terrified as she was few hours back. Or should I say, I once saw and heard her cry like that December of last year. My cousins were here as we were celebrating Ronald's birth anniversary when they thought of showing Keanna a video clip. This clip is one of those where you'll be ask to do something or look for something then a scary image will show up in the end. Everyone ended out laughing 'coz they succeeded in scaring Ate Keanna but I saw something else that scared me. As Keanna hugged me tight and cried, she was trembling. Really scared! And, it took me a while to pacify her and days to make her forget it.Then this afternoon, as she arrived from schoo,l she asked me to open her FB account because her teacher said that there's a video clip of a dancing girl she posted on her wall. I gave in to Keanna's idea since she was excited about it. Then I saw a girl dressed as a ballerina and noticed too that it's a very short clip if the girl is really to dance "Single Ladies". As I was about to finish telling Keanna that it could be a scary video again, the image already appeared. Ate Keanna was dumbfounded for a minute then burst into a loud cry. Rushed to her grandma, away from the computer. She cried so loud that woke up baby Roneese. It happened again, she was trembling in fear. All I can do is give her a glass of water, touch her and talk her off of what happened. Asked her to pray so she can forget it. It worked!
How and when will she overcome it?How can she protect little sister then from silly and scary things like that if she herself can't show bravery? I know I have to explain it to her but I have to wait for her to calm down and for the image to vanish from her memory. It's hard to talk about the topic just about anytime because of "flash back". I can't rush it, it'll definitely take a while.

But, I'm hoping it'll not be a long wait. Because, little sissy is fast growing. And I want her to be one of Roneese's role model.


acmumcee March 11, 2010 at 2:19 AM  

Mommy Stef, I think there really are things that stay in kid's memories and will really take time to vanish, but your assurance that nothing bad will happen and with all the love you'll show to her, soon everything will just be something she'll laugh at. Si Alyssa nga super scared at kakaripas talaga ng takbo pag nakakita ng mga insectong lumilipad.. nasabihan ako ng tita ko noon na pagsabihan ko daw kase nakakahiya kase takot sa langaw.. baka isipin ng mga tao eh ayaw ng madumi.. but you see? there are just things that are out of parent's control dba?

Don't you worry, everything will be all right soon enough and Roey will proudly say, "Oh, I got a really brave big sissy" =)

Stef March 11, 2010 at 2:40 AM  

Thanks for the tips Mommy AC! Sana nga ma overcome nya rin ito...

Mirage March 13, 2010 at 3:49 PM  

I saw those videos too, kakagulat naman talaga! I'm not sure what should be done...I've never been to a situation like that kasi...I never taught my kids to be afraid of the dead, monsters, ghosts and those stuff...

:) Ate keanna, kaya mo yan!

Stef March 14, 2010 at 7:35 PM  

Hi G! Thanks for reading, she only started being imaginative of things like these when she started Grade school. As of now, I explained to her na they are just part of her imagination and as long as she pray, nothing can harm her. Pero, really, this is a long process...hays!

judys424 March 19, 2010 at 9:06 PM  

Yes, it takes a while so be consistent and as encouraging and supportive as usual. In time, she can get over her fear. :)

STEF March 19, 2010 at 10:33 PM  

Thanks for the advice Judy!


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