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Celebrated the Yuletide Season with Childhood Friends

They are not just childhood friends by the way, they are my lifetime friends! These people have not just made my childhood happy and memorable but also contributed to the ME now. I can enumerate a lot of fond memories we have had as kids, then as teens and as adults but I may tire you with that. On second thought, I don't think you'll get tired with almost endless happy, dramatic and life-changing stories and experiences we all have had but still, I will not enumerate them out of respect.

It was the first week of December when Herbert came home from his work abroad for a month long vacation. We have other friends from different part of the world and rarely does a chance like this come so, prior to his homecoming, we've already made plans for another get together (We had one last September with Ate Mercy). 

We all agreed on a potluck so each one of us pledged via our Facebook group (yes, we have!) on what we are to bring. Aside from the food, we managed to have our schedules free on a weekend date plus Jo allowed us to use her house's rooftop for the gathering. 

It wasn't just us who really enjoyed this rare get together but our kids and parents too. Well, minus mine.

I'll have to post in my other blog few more photos of our memorable Christmas gathering. I just wish I had the chance to be with them again last January 3, it was Herbert's birthday.



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