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Kids: Sweetness and Thoughtfulness

Whenever I look at Roey, it suddenly becomes a reminder to me that time really do pass fast. It was not long ago when all she wanted was milk and corresponds with just her giggles and cries. Now, she has become unstoppable. So kulit, likot and sometimes a little naughty. I find myself, my patience, tested almost everyday. It isn't just her though, I also have a growing up 10 year old daughter who sometimes feel neglected (even if she's not!).

Anyways, I just would like to share too that besides these somehow irritating gestures or should I call it attitudes of my kids, they are both sweet and thoughtful. Check this conversation with Roey:

Saw a beauty product TVC (something I use) ...

Me: "May bago!"Roey: "Gusto mo yan Momi?"Me: " Yes baby, di ba meron ako ganyan?"Roey: "Ibili kita ganyan ha? Gusto mo nyan, bili kita!"
Watching GGV...
Me: "Ang ganda ng legs ni Vice."Roey: "Gusto mo yun Momi?"Me: "Ganda legs nya, why?"Roey: "Bili kita nyun!"
Haha! Ang sweet lang!


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