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Roey at 40 months!

Happy 40th month to our lovable ROEY!

Days passed too quick that it surprised me how big she is now. She still pretend to be a baby though - I just could not carry her in my arms that long anymore. Roey has shown big developments and we are really happy for her. She even wanted to attend school - actually, she has been asking for me to allow her to go with her big sister K at school! 

- She can say her name and nickname.
- She can become very talkative with her stories to tell.
- She can answer questions and asks a lot too.
- Can draw a stick person, some shapes & letters.
- She knows how to use the computer mouse and browser bookmarks too.
- Can use the computer keyboard for specific letters she needed to go to a website to play.
- Can be very demanding sometimes.
- Curious with baking and preparing milk and juices.

One thing that really surprised me to hear from her one time was:

"Mommy, look at my tummy, it is already big. I don;t want a big tummy like yours. I will not eat rice, I'll just drink my milk. I want a flat tummy like my (big) sister K."

(She said these sentences in mixed English and Filipino words)

I was startled!  Now that is NOT normal! But I find it funny! She must have heard it from someone or must have been listening to our conversation and jokes about my belly. I just had to remind her again that at her age, she should be eating healthy for her to be strong, healthy and pretty. She replied with a very sweet - "Okay". 



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