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Can I Call This Mom's Tantrum?

Sometimes, I wonder how other Moms handle situations that really pisses off a person. My closest friends know me to be calm and patient with my kids. Yes and no! 

I have had my share of really-mad-mom moments but rarely outside the four corners of the house. I make it a point to keep my composure and breeding when my girls gives me more than a doze of instant headache. That is especially when we're out - supposedly having fun and making memories. You may wonder why I suddenly made a post of this... I am not sure as well. But, I think this is the easiest way for me to somehow unload, write the feelings down. I often find myself nagging - my girls are like attending an everyday sermon. They both can really transform me - from sweet & demure to a monster mom! It just came to me as a surprise that even of different ages, they can be both impolite, stubborn and self-centered AT THE SAME TIME! Whew! I am just so glad that my Mama has well guided me that I have developed the ability of self-control and I choose my battles. Parenting did not really come with a manual or guide book, you know!

One good thing about my elder daughter is that after our sermon, after her tears and once both our "anger" fade, we still talk. Its as if the BOSS up in heaven signals for us to look into each other's eyes and we end up hugging each other. K also prays the rosary with me for a week now. The image of Virgen Delos Remedios is at home. I am really thankful that both my girls are growing up to be God-fearing. 

I just had to post this to release my tantrums. This too shall pass! And after typing that famous phrase, I realized that it is nice to be growing up with my kids. I so LOVE 'em!



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