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I felt relief, whew! I'll be so confused and will definitely blame myself if she's still not better. She had the strange "sinat" last Friday and was even asked by her Teacher to go home instead but she declined. Then she was okay until Saturday dawn. Then, since it was the photoshoot day, I talked to her. A stagemom and a frustrated model myself, I am honestly excited for my daughter. I'd love to drag her and attend the photoshoot. But, it isn't me, and she's not in the pinkest of health. We had a talk. I explained to her the pros and cons. I saw how she has anticipated this day. I've seen the eagerness in her to feel better and show up at the Camera Shake studio. She finally decided to go for the shoot but of course since there's this "sinat", medicine was given. Off to the shoot we go and she was a little less hyper than the kids there but she did good.

In fact, their batch was done in less than 20 mins if I'm not mistaken. I'm proud of my daughter's
accomplishment and so gave in to her request.

She had the train and another ride on solo!

I was to bring her to her Pedia after the shoot but...toinks! "Mommy, it's a Saturday today!" OMG!
We fetched her cousin Kate after the shoot. Sunday wad Banky's party, the two girls had been anticipating this event too. It was so sweet of Ate Kate to have prayed for Keanna's fast recovery. We've met Mommy Vanj and Sam in front of the church and headed to Shakey's in T.Morato Ave. The kids had a real blast. Keanna politely joined the first few games but stayed beside me for the rest of the party. She smiled, laughed and giggled and played for few minutes then rested again beside Mommy.

We're off to her Pedia after the party then to my OB, in the same clinic. She was given antibiotics and Salbutamol instead of Carboceistine. Her cough is more on asthma since there's no phlegm. No phlegm means hard coughing. And she was feeling the chest pain. It was hard to see her in a state like that.
Monday, she asked me to send and fetch her from school. I agreed but her temp got high and I decided to let her skip class since there's not much to do. A mass was held that day and the regular review classes for this week's Unit Test. We reviewed at home instead. I am glad that even if she was not feeling well, she was still very cooperative. Tuesday was a little hard. I have a commitment to attend to and Mama is not feeling well. Keanna still has slight fever but she eats, she talks, she even sang a Backyardigan song. I decided to tag her along then headed to her Pedia again. It was explained to me that since we only started the antibiotics Sunday night, it will only show its effect Wednesday morning at least. I have to monitor her BT and make sure that the medicines are given in the right dose and at the right time. I was absent, asked for an emergency leave. That cost me 1 VL credit but it is alright, just as long as I am sure that Keanna will get well and that I am close by her side. I am thankful that this early morning (3am), there's no more fever. Coughing is no longer that hard. I was only able to sleep 330am and woke up again at 6am. I still had her skip school, 3rd day it is. She missed 2 days of Unit Test now. A special test will be given, of course. Who knows, she might be able to take all four tests she skipped Tues and Wed.

Tomorrow will be another day and I am glad that she's already jolly right this minute. Thank GOD for making her feel all better. Recovery from weight loss will be a little hard, I know but we'll deal with that...together.



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