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Keanna made Mommy cry

I've been seeing this commercial for a while and I am very pleased with it. I love the music and the lovely kids as well.

It was my off, I was in front of the computer yet the TV was on for Keanna's PDA kids when this TVC aired. I stopped (stoned, honestly) and was shocked when I heard Keanna singing it. She knows the lyrics! She perfected the lyrics on this one, to my surprise! She faced me afterwards and again sang. She said: "this is for you Mommy"

I am so stressed with a LOT of things but this video, Keanna's song and her kiss (after singing it) made my day so special, pawi lahat ng stress..

Keanna =stresstabs

She made me cry...

And in return, since I know she loves to sing..I looked for her new fave "Big Girls Don't cry" and for this video too.

I love you anak...kisses from me.




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