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Thank Yous

Keanna was given the chance to be part of KIDSTIME Magazine's maiden issue. It may not yet be out in the market but we're all excited about it. We all know that she was a little sick that day of the photoshoot but she was professional enough to show up and followed the instructions given to their batch. It was indeed a successful shoot and their batch finished in no time. Now, KIDSTIME have just uploaded a video composed of pictures of their young talents and Keanna is so happy to see her face in it! Haha! Talk about "child at heart"! She was as excited as Mommy and Mama (Lola). Here's her photo that got included in the video (c/o Camera Shake's photographer)...
To watch the full video, you can visit the multiply site of KIDSTIME. Enjoy watching and congrats to all our friends too.

We would like to thank KIDSTIME of course for allowing our daughter Keanna to be part of their upcoming issue, maiden issue to be exact. It is our pleasure to see that she has been included in the roster of cute kids and talents. Keep it up guys! Good luck !

We're hoping for more opportunities like this to come. Keanna is all better now and that's another blessing we'd like to be thankful for.
We are sending our Thank Yous up above. HE indeed is great!



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