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A Come Back

It has been so long since my last post and I had a joke that this is sort of a resurrection in blogging. A lot of you may wonder why I had to be “gone” for a while. Let me tell you a short but sad story…

October of last year, we’ve noticed that my Mom had a drastic weight loss. Her appetite slowly faded. She would only go for oat meals and the likes. First, she was told that it is just Dyspepsia and even took the medicines prescribed to her. After a month and an ultrasound, it was a mass. Came November 13, she was confined. We brought her to a near and considered one of the best public hospitals in our area. After several tests and endoscopy, we found out that my Mom is suffering from Peri Ampullary tumor. The biopsy says it not cancerous but my Mom kept bleeding and an operation can no longer be performed. She passed away just 10 days before Christmas. It was really hard for us, for me especially. I am an only child and lost my Dad since I was just 7yo. I lost my very best friend.

Now, I seemed to have moved on. Not completely but thanks to my kids & hubby who always make me smile and to my friends who has never failed to make me feel valued. I feel uplifted too with all the support I got from my relatives. Remembering the days spent in the hospital has made me realize a lot of things. Not just related to my Mom’s case but also about life itself, the hospital, the doctors, the RNs and the nursing students, medical procedures, even medical uniforms and a lot about healthy living.

As I’ve mentioned, it was a public hospital so we really can’t expect the BEST of it’s facilities and employees. I’ve noticed that there were some unpleasant nurses. The nursing students are all nice but hesitant most of the time, of course. And, it was also noticeable how medical uniform for nurses has evolved. Before, when you say that the person is a nurse, you would only imagine them wearing plain white top and skirt. But now, medical uniforms has improved. In fact, I’ve found out that there were several medical uniform shops you can find in several areas that sell cool yet presentable medical scrubs. Not to mention that these medical uniforms online are very much an easy access too. I find the new scrubs to be comfortable to everyone who wears it. I just wish that the hospital would be able to generate funds to improve its facilities and of course, change the old linens they have and so as provide nice medical uniforms to its employees. Anyways, there are plenty of medical scrubs for sale, right? Perhaps by doing so, those unpleasant nurses I came across with may be able to feel and realize how they should value not just their job but also the people who badly needs their help. Some of the employees doesn’t seem to be happy with what they were doing. I may not be able to tell or determine the exact reason why but for sure there were many factors that affect how they perform and how they react. And mind you, grooming can be a factor too.

I was supposedly to include a short video clip as a tribute to my Mom but I haven’t finished editing it yet. Plus, I need to find a software where the file can be converted to an extension that Blogger, YouTube and Facebook can understand. I guess I will have to post it in my next blog.



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