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Cool & Fab Giveaway

I’ve always consider myself a wise shopper but sometimes I get a little careless and becomes a little impulsive. That could be because shopping rarely happens to me. And rarely it is for moi. More often than not, I only buy things for my kids.

It has been known to everyone that I just got back into blogging and

is trying

to learn and earn from it too. Aside from monetary reasons I would like to widen my horizons and gain friends I can treasure even if it’s just through the blogging community. I’ve wanted to buy myself a new camera, a new bag, a pair of shoes or sandals perhaps and have my hair straightened and cut. These are just a few that I missed for myself for sometime now. But now that I’m actively back into blogging, I’ll definitely try to save with any amount I’ll earn so I can perhaps have these things bought and done. I’m gonna start with the bag. I really am not brand conscious and I noticed that I have had just few small bags since I was schooling. Now that one

fab Mom(Cherry) is giving away this CK bag, I’m joining! It is my first time to join this contest and I’m positively hoping I could win so I’ll have a bigger bag for my stuff or for baby stuff that I have to bring most of the time. LoL!

For those who’d like to join in as well. Go ahead since the contest has easy-to-do-tasks and will run until April 10. Here are photos of the said bag up for grabs!


 gmirage March 29, 2011 at 12:45 AM  

I'll join in pag nasipag :D


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