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Dental Visit

It was just very recent when I brought both my kids to a dental clinic. Since we have HMO coverage, the three of us can have free cleaning and a limited tooth filling. My elder daughter had 4 fillings in her molars so we had to pay for the excess. It is but alright since I had it reimbursed afterwards. My younger daughter just had her teeth cleaned in a very mild

manner. The dentist’s assistant had to ask me to carry her in my lap to clean her teeth since she is just 1 year old. As for me, I had my teeth cleaned and had fillings too.

I am now a little strict with how both my kids take care of their teeth. I am actually comparing the mommy me when I only have one kid. She had dental issues when she was a little younger and lost several teeth at an early age. My toddler, of course may have baby teeth but she has to learn how to take care of it since these primary teeth will eventually be replaced by the permanent ones. I regret that I wasn't able to take care of mine, some permanent teeth that is. Now, I have to wear dentures in replacement of those that I lost.

How awful, isn't it? Anyways, I am a believer that having healthy baby teeth is fundamental to each child's overall health, wellness and development. I may be having a hard time cleaning the teeth of my toddler but it is really necessary for her to get the habit of it. She may not coordinate most of the time but Mommy always succeeds. =)

And, did you know that baby teeth (just like with adults) should be brushed too w

ith a pea-sized toothpaste? I use a brand intended for babies which claims to have Xylitol in it. It is said to have no fluoride in it and so is okay even if swallowed. It is Strawberry flavored and can be used by kids up to age 6. So why did I bring my kids to the dentist? Aside from the fact that we would like to grab the HMO benefits, I'd like my girls to shrug off the fear of dentists and establish a long-term hygiene too. My elder daughter is so afraid of a dentist which is why I'm planning to bring her more often. Imagine an 8 year old crying like a baby while dental fillings are being applied? Good thing that Dr. Cathy is very nice. She even

gave my daughter Keanna a new purple toothbrush to use.

Now that we had our teeth cleaned and filled...our next step to further prevent tooth decay is a balance diet. As many of us know, diet and nutrition also affects oral health. I am now a stay-at-home-mom so I should be very strict with the food that my kids eat. I'd like to start by limiting sugary foods and drinks. This may be a little hard for my 8 year old though since she needs to gain weight but I think proper guidance will help us win this. She brushes her teeth 3x/day. By the way, I also found out that food rich in carbohydrates can cause tooth decay. With that being mentioned, this is definitely a challenge. Ha-ha!

Their smiles after the dental visit.


Samual March 21, 2011 at 6:48 PM  

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