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Purple & Pink themed Cupcakes!

Keanna turned 9 Saturday of last week. I specially ordered a dozen of Pink & Purple cupcakes from "Cupcakes by Mommy Vanj". It was a simple celebration. I prepared Spaghetti, garlic toast and Sweet & Sour Fish fillet. The cupcakes was a surprise for Keanna and it was a hit! Even little Roey liked it and when Ate K opened the box, it was her who eagerly said "WOW!" Thank you so much again Vangie!

These photos were taken using our webcam. You might also notice the number 9 candle, it was originally a "0". Haha! I can't find the mini candles we have in stock so I had to improvise. Since my digital camera gave up on me already, I am in the look for opportunities online so I can buy a new one and an all-in-one printer to go with it. =)

Life and then Som


My 9 year old

My favorite stores are Shakey's, McDonald's, and Booksale, just like most of us. Shakey's is where we celebrated Keanna's 7th birthday and Roey's 1st. It is also where we normally held account activities when I was still with Convergys, just like in this photo.

Sylvia & Me

McDonald's is what we most of the time visit if we want fast food. I can name few things I love about it. From the ketchup to it's sundae. LoL! This is where we celebrated Keanna's 1st and 4th birthday which you'll see in the video clip I made for here, that is if you scroll down a bit.

Booksale on the other hand, is where you can go through hundreds of books for all ages at a very nice deal. My daughter Keanna loves Powerbooks too. Just like in this photo.

We often visit National Bookstore as well for school supplies of course and books too! Here's a photo of me and Keanna when I bought her that thin book entitled Camouflage.

Now, I'd like to share this to you even if this doesn't have to do anything with books.
I made this clip just today and I had to look for a music that will be long enough for the slides. I just wish my Ate K will appreciate this.

Happy 9th birth anniversary!
I love you so much!

mommy moments

Apologies my dear, there were part of the music that seemed to have skipped. Hehe!


I Am Proud To Be A Mom

I got this from a friend's FB status and I really would like to share to you all...

Keanna & Me, 01.19.2007

"There comes a point in your life when FUN no longer means gimik with friends, telebabad, chitchatting and going home late at night. It means family dinners, bedtime stories, and crazy kulitan times. Becoming a parent doesn't change you, it makes you realize that the little people you created deserve the best of your free time!"

Haley & Me, 07.16.2011



Price Tag

My daughter Keanna loves singing and it was just recently when she auditioned in their school's Student Idol contest. Her audition piece was "Fireworks" by Katy Perry. She was so happy to inform us she is in the semi finals. Today, Wednesday is their semi finals, and she didn't know until Monday afternoon. She told me it will be on the 28th. You know the feeling when your child keeps bugging you about what they need when you are working? Geez! So I have to temporarily log out of my job and help her find a nice song that she can deliver. We browsed for songs that she can easily practice and memorize. You Tube helped a lot, really! I was able to download a "minus one" version of Price Tag after answering an online survey. Yay! Saved it in a USB and wrote the lyrics for my daughter to use. Yes, we don't have a printer, ha ha!

Here's Maddi Jane's version. This has played numerous times for my daughter to practice...or should I say daughterS? Yes, my toddler has started liking and singing this too though we can't understand the words yet.


My Husband's Daughter is Turning 9

She's turning 9 in a few days from now. It wasn't too long ago when I still sing her lullabies to sleep. I would often be reminded by my Mama not to spoil her by letting her sleep in my chest. Though she look so much of her father, I am so happy to have Keanna as my daughter. She's just so sweet. And even if we fight over leftovers and tooth brushing, words aren't enough to express how overjoyed I am to hear I Love Yous from her.



Not Just a Thirst Quencher

Mango is definitely Keanna's most favorite fruit. She totally loves to have a serving be it the fruit itself or juiced. I give in to her Mango requests most of the time since I know that a Mango fruit is rich in pre-biotic dietary fiber, vitamins, and minerals. It has been said too that Mango fruit helps to protect against certain cancers like colon, prostate and breast cancer too. It is also an excellent source of Potassium and Vitamin A which is very essential for our vision. And, did you know that Mango is not just am awesome fruit and thirst quencher? It's peel can also be used? A lot of fruit peels actually, can be used in many other ways like insecticide.

Keanna's homework was to interview a nutritionist or a cook and gather all information in preparing foods. Good thing there's FB, I was able to chat with a friend who was a cook at Sbarro before.So, homework is done!

The photo above was taken at Pancake House, Glorietta in Makati City when Keanna was about 6yo. She will be turning 9 very soon.



My Outgoing Toddler

Roey is growing up to be outgoing like me. I would like to consider this to be positive. I am hoping that her being outgoing brings her to many places and let her meet good friends too. In this photo, she's thrilled to carry her Pink bag which is a little small that her feeding bottle peaked. Haha!


Pre Schools Sandyford

Pre Schools Sandyford aims to give your children a solid foundation of their learning development. Their main goal is to prepare your children to start their primary school as confident speakers and good listeners.

Giraffe Childcare and Early Learning Center is the new standard of working of quality childcare for working parents and one of the award winning childcare centers in Ireland. They are open for educating infants, toddlers, pre-schoolers, and after school children that is mainly from 12 weeks old to 7 years old. They have their branches all throughout Ireland.

The centers’ facilities are designed for the convenience of the children where they are provided rooms for playing, learning, eating, resting and sleeping. With their caring staff team, the welfare of your children is placed in their care with a total peace of mind.

Parents can connect with the facility and deputy managers for any worries, concerns, or special caring for their children. Being the first educator of your children, the center values your routine at home and gives importance to it.

Giraffe Centers are highly motivated and committed to take care of your children. With their fun programs, they allow children to express their creativity through art, music, and dance. This will enhance their creative and emotional development. Parents can receive daily reports on their child’s learning progress and can also visit their child anytime of the day. Visit a center near you and know more about Giraffe’s programs.

**This is a guest post from Aggie Aviso.


Small But Terrible

My daughter KEANNA is growing up. Soon, she'll be 9, one of the smallest and youngest in their class since she's already in Grade 4. It wasn't long ago when she would still pose so "kikay" for me just like in these photos. She was one of the flower girls in her Ninong Ramil's wedding held in Cavite.

Yesterday, she told me that she's passed the elimination and is moving forward to the semi-finals of their school's annual search for "school idol". She's all smiles when I congratulated and kissed her. I can say that she's matured because one of her classmates failed the auditions and was being bullied by some of the boys, so she told her classmate: "don't mind them! It's okay even if you did not pass the eliminations as long as you did your best and you can do better next time." At least now, I am sure that she will no longer cry over defeats in any contests. She once said that she maybe small but terrible. Ha ha! I always tell her to be positively terrible and avoid to be the cause of a terrible headache. LoL!


Rain = Cake

It's been reported that there are 2 Low Pressure Areas in the Phils. now that is why it has been raining on and off. In some other cities, there's flood and even landslides. Sad.

Photo credits to my friend Ched

I am not sure though why I am drooling for cakes when it rains. A slice of what's pictured above will definitely satisfy my taste buds! Good thing my aunts visited us yesterday and prepared Champorado for us. Good enough for me since I can only fulfill my eyes' satisfaction with this cake for now.

I am linking up to sis G's Thursday Brownies today. For more of the Filipino color, click on the meme page below.


Catching Up!

I am out today. Why?

We have no internet connection and phone service since Sunday night!


I have reported it and followed up several times already just to find out that they cannot give us any estimated time of resolution since the issue is caused by Globe’s system upgrade. I know the drill, it only means that I just have to wait. I have worked as a technical customer representative before so I really can’t blame these CSRs I’ve talked to. I just wish they have the initiative to investigate on the issue properly before giving out their so called resolution whixh is most of the time being read. System upgrade is BS...they should have just told me the truth. There was a fire in a nearby area before this has happened and phone lines and cables were burned. My FIL passed by the area this morning and saw the repairmen doing their job.

Anyways, this simply has affected my part time job. Minus points again for me. =( Though I have been to this shop last night so as to relay via email the issue to my boss, it’s still going to give them a negative impression. I just want to stay as positive as possible. I wish they would still give me tasks after this incident.

Hubby is obviously the most affected (and irritated) about having no internet connection. It’s his off today and he was so ready to play his online games. =p So, his annoyance is pointed not to the computer, but to us. Hays!

I am just so glad there is an internet shop I can go to. I have missed out on a lot of things. It’s July already and soon, Keanna’s 9th birthday. She’s been asking for me to have a birthday giveaway which will also require participants to vote for her in a photo contest. Anyone who would like to sponsor? Ha ha!

On the other hand, look at these photos. Tell me Roey isn’t growing up so fast. I am enjoying being a stay at home mom yet it is honestly difficult. There are moments that I can no longer think of anything to distract Roey from throwing another tantrum. She’s just uncontrollable, I tell you. LoL! Even so, I love my kids to bits!



Pinay WAHMs' $800 Birthday Giveaway!

Yes you've read it right! Three witty WAHMs (Work-at-home-moms) are celebrating their birthdays this month and decided to do a combined birthday contest. Isn't it GREAT? The contest mechanics are so easy as A-B-C. I am joining the contest because it's KEANNA's birth month too and in case I win this contest, it's going to be a wonderful gift for her as well.

Come and join the fun! Let's give these three lovely and generous ladies a toast and greet them all a Happy Birthday! I am wishing them (mommies Sam, Kaye & Rubz) the best of luck in their field, and to have more healthy & fruitfully happy years to celebrate!

Pinay WAHMs' $800 Giveaway

And lastly, I wish you all to have more special friends like these

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So, are you wanting to join? Well, hurry up because they are giving away 3 Major Prizes, 5 Consolations, and Early Bird prizes too!


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