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Get To Know My Toddler

This photo was taken when Roey was just 11 months. When all she can do to communicate was smile and cry. The lovely dress was a gift from my friend Gizelle (Thursday Brownies host).

Now, Roey is at 21mos- she can already talk and shout too! LoL! There are times that her words though different in meaning, sounds almost the same. She calls her sister Keanna, "Tate" (minus the T, it's Ate). She calls her father "Dadee" and that's always clear, while she calls me "Mhey" which obviously is shortcut for Mommy. Sweet, right?

This little miss surprises us with her wit and talkativeness. There are several TVCs she would imitate and certain kiddie product jingles she can sing along with. She moves like crazy when she feels like dancing. She know the songs "Price Tag", "Just The Way You Are", and "Fireworks" - can hum and say the words "uhh and yeah". But, her lyrics are most of the time in her dinosaur language. LOL!

Here are other things she can:
- She keeps her pillow and folds the blanket imperfectly as soon as she wake up in the morning.
- Always eager to personally hand the helmet to her Daddy.
- Eats on her own (using a spoon or just her hand - that's how "cowboy" she is).
- Eats freshly sliced tomatoes, garlic and onions.
- Can count from 1 to 10.
- Sings "Blues Clues"song, "Mr. Sun", "I Have 2 Hands" and "Our Father"
- Already started doing the "sign of the Cross" and "Amen".
- Can draw a smile and sun rays on an unfinished sun drawing.
- Volunteers to remove Ate Keanna's socks as soon as the latter arrives from school (eww!)
- Can already say names: "Papa Jesus" (may sound Jeswu sometimes), Sponge Bob ( Spangsbav), Popo and Jollibee (Jaaamibee)
- Recognizes fruits like Apple, Banana (with matching Uh-uh-Ahh-a sound effect), and Grapes
- Recognizes shapes: Circle, Stars, Moon
drawings: shoes, flower, Hello Kitty, heart, umbrella, dog, pig, cat, bag and more
- Knows how to use the cellphone and can say "Hello, musta?" (Hello, how are you?)
- She already know when to say "No" and "Oh no!"
- Can already appreciate things by saying "Wow!"
- Says "Hi!" and "Bye!" and do the "bless" act (Mano)
- Can manage to strike a pose in front of the camera (as long as Mommy's behind it)

These are just few of the many things our Roey can already say and do. Of course, along with the list is her unique tantrums. Unique because if it strikes, it is a combination of cry, shout, whips, kicks and body bending techniques. Something we would like to avoid of course.


Chie August 5, 2011 at 2:15 PM  

Thanks for sharing! She's cuuuuute! :)

Carla August 9, 2011 at 9:51 AM  

reading this post made me nod and smile to almost all what roey can do...

I can so relate especially with the "Unique tantrums"... kicks and body bending... Just like my Sophia.

Thinking of enrolling her to gymnastics someday. lol

Mirage August 10, 2011 at 12:59 AM  

She's gotten big from the last time I saw her and from when this photo is taken...hopefully I can give her something else soon too! ;)


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