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I've Got A Postcard!

It's my first time to receive a postcard from a post crosser and a friend, G. I felt quite special. The fact that the other person chose to share with you something you don't get to see everyday...I mean you don't get to see at all (yet, LoL!). Pardon the photo quality. It only goes to show that again, a phone camera's used.

The postcard by the way is a photo of Albrecht Dürer Haus in Nürnberg, Germany. Since I am not familiar of the place of course, it made me research about it. That's when I've learned that Albrecht Dürer is the best known son of the city. He was a painter, engraver and Mathematician. He was also tagged as the greatest artist of the Northern Renaissance. His "Melencolia I", well known as the the "Magic Square", is truly interesting. Did you know that this Magic Square played a big role in the novel "The Lost Symbol" of Dan Brown? Interesting, right? So, after reading his profile via Wikipedia, I came to admire such genuineness. Well, who wouldn't?



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