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The Valentine That Was

These Heart chocolates was given by hubby 2 days before Valentine's day. They taste good, really and I am asking for him to bring more. Haha! 

Fabruary 13-15 was my elder daughter's mid-quarter exams so they celebrated Valentine's and Teacher's Day last February 16 instead. I was able to buy a dozen of hand sanitizers for each of her teacher. We also made a personalized card/tag which we attached to the the sanitizer. Thanks to Sherry K Designs for the paper designs.

I was with little Roey when I brought the stuff to Ate K at her school in Sauyo Road. Little toddler cried out loud when big sister K had to go back to her classroom. Iguess she thinks she's as big as Ate K already and wants to be with kids at school.

Now, where is the cheapest play school here?


My Brave Toddler

In one my recent posts, I have mentioned and shared photos of Ate K who had flu. In that same post, I mentioned that little Roey got sick too the week after. She had a viral infection and her lab results (stool and blood) proved that too.

 If I am to compare my kids when they are faced with sickness like these, I have noticed that little Roey is more of a fighter than her big sister. Ate K gets scared with anything that requires an injection or a needle while Roey would not react at all. Well, Ate K was this brave too when she was just a baby until her toddler years. I think her trauma with needles started when she was 2 yo and confined at St. Luke's Hospital. There were several attempts in both her wrists and even in her right foot when they needed to administer dextrose. It actually required 2 doctors and 3 nurses just for them to find the perfect place to put it. I clearly remember the look in Ate K's face that moment. I really feel pity for her that she had to undergo such pain at that age.
And she never recovered since.

Roey was hospitalized too when she was just 15 months old, a month after Mama died. It was because of diarrhea. Her trauma is different from big sister K. After her release, Roey would never allow me to leave her. She became so clingy to me that even if I enter our own comfort room, she'll be there...standing by. LoL!

These photos were taken during Roey's check up and my sister in law's birthday. She gladly posed for me while we were waiting for her lab results at the Bernardino General Hospital. See that Green Mickey Mouse shirt? She wouldn't allow me to replace it, even if it's one of her "pambahay" already. She just loves MM so much. She was better during Ghe's (my sister in law) birthday dinner celebration.

Both the kids are all better now, thank goodness! Roey's finished her antibiotics yesterday. I just hope both of them recover their lost appetite and weight too. No more sickness please.


Post Holiday Meet Up: HS Friends

 My HS friends normally plan a get together after the holidays since we didn't really want to bother each other's busy schedules. Ha ha!

And, most of the time, this is where we meet up - Jollibee SM City NE Main building. I was with both my kids that day and we weren't really ready with all the gifts so our gifts aren't wrapped at all. No surprise element, I must say. I have mentioned in my previous post that I wasn't really with me that season, right? I guess preparing for the holidays was not in my system too.

So there we were, Allan & Bernadette who's 5 months pregnant with their kids, Sean and Jay Jay. Ariel & Amie with Karl and Amiel. And Rose who just dropped by to give her gifts since she was with her sister and  said they needed to go some place else for something important.

There were already food when we arrived. The kids eagerly opened their gifts and played right after eating. While of course, moms had a nice chit-chat while Allan and Ariel were on stand by mode. LoL! Ronald was not with us since he was at work.

Ate K and Sean. A very slim girl and a chubby not that big yet boy. They were of the same age and have that friendly fondness even if they rarely see each other. I always wish Sean could give some fats and muscles to Ate K. Haha! 

Our meet up was a little short than usual but I am sure there'll ne another one as Bernadette will be giving birth soon. I will have to prepare some of my daughters' tiny dresses because she is finally having a baby girl!


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