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"How to raise a child who listens well"

This is from http://parentcenter.babycenter.com ...

Find it helpful especially to us working parents. Yesterday, I woke up and heard a Mommy neighbor who's very mad at her eldest son. They were both shouting, I was saddened. And to be honest natatakot din ako na baka dumating din ako sa ganung point na my kid won't listen to me na and treats me as if I'm not her Mom.

Ronald said na it's how you nurture your children. And it's important not just to have a "happy"surrounding, but talking is important too. No matter how tired we get, we have to personally talk to our child, if may mali kaming naririnig from her...correct it at first hand bago na matatak sa isip nya. I'm still learning a lot of parent tricks that's why I
subscribed to Parent Center and here's what they suggest on:

"How to raise a child who listens well"

Be a good listener yourself
Give clear, simple directions for everyday tasks
Praise good listening
Say what you mean
Be consistent about consequences
Read aloud together
Play listening games

Now, these are just the highlights. If you want to read the whole article itself, here's the link: http://parentcenter.babycenter.com/0_how-to-raise-a-child-who-listens-well_64516.pc



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