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SAHM Project: A Humbling Experience

I found a new circle of friends through Girltalk . There, I get to bond with fellow mommies even just through msgs and threads. I'm still learning a lot as a mom, honestly and having my online "amigas" (hehe!) helped me a lot.

It was mid November, when Lemonade (Joy Cruz) thought of an EB-and-orphanage-reach-out activity for us mommies. I was so excited 'coz I was also thinking of how fun it would be if we all get to meet. It was so in time that Joy posted her idea of a get together party for mommies and kids. A lot of use agreed and pledged their participation of course and everyone got so
excited. We are to have a get-together-party and our kids will enjoy too plus we're to give anything we can to an orphanage of course, to share all the blessings we received.

Remember, these are stage mommies and they've won a lot of contests already haha! Others are so lucky to have their own commercials too.

And since the planned date (December 15) is just few days away from the time we thought of this event, plus I think it was the excitement that pushed me to be
"atribida" in a way and took care of the venue sana. Sadly, Jollibee in Shangrila Mall is fully booked for December, the offered days and hours will not suit stage moms available days at all. We have to cancel the Jollibee party idea and Joy suggested an activity in Fully Booked at Bonifacio High Street. I'm still game with the idea 'coz my daughter haven't been there and I really want to meet up these friendly mommies and the kiddos too. Knowing that she's gonna be the "ATE", she got a little too excited.

Sadly, a lot backed out 'coz of sched conflicts, Christmas parties, family reunions and other things to attend to. There were few who agreed to come and when December 15 came, kami na lang ni Joy and Bea dapat ang mag-meet but due to unfortunate events (hehe! si hubby kasi!)...Keanna and I didn't make it. It was only Joy who came to Fully Booked that day..sayang talaga and I'm so *hiya kay Joy 'coz last minute pa ako nag back out.

Then we again planned for another date and set it January instead. As I've posted on out thread, even if may shift ako or galing man ako work the day the activity pushes through, I'll still go. This was my first time, even though I've been thinking of it for the past few years.

I wanna let Keanna remember the "Love" you share in giving as well. This will definitely a great experience for her.

Thanks for LovingMom's (Doc Patricia) effort of pushing through our project . If not for her, baka hindi uli natuloy. Thanks as well to all stage mommies esp to Lemonade, for inspiring us more to share our blessings no matter how small they are. Thanks to Earthangel (Lesley Gozon) that though hindi physically present ay nag eztend pa rin ng help to the less fortunate kids. Bless you Mommies and your families as well.

I was a little shy 'coz Doc Patricia fetched us pa @Mcdo North Ave corner Mindanao Ave (actually nauna pa sya sa amin dumating sa meeting place). Apologies Doc! It was so nice to finally have met you, yun pa lang sarap na ng feeling then the happiness multiplied when we saw the kids. They sang a Christmas song and their "Thank You" song too.

Doc Peachy, tama si Lola kanina, you are indeed beautiful inside out...ganda ng aura mo 'coz you make it a point to help and reach out to people. It was a very nice experience that we will not ever forget. I'm sure Adriel. Keanna & Banky will remember this "humbling experience".

I'll make it a point na from now on to at least be part of activities like this even once a year at least. These good deeds are the ones we want to impart to our children. We want them to realize that they are so lucky to have parents like us and let them learn as well how to show their "Thank Yous" by sharing ans helping others that are needy. Sabi nga ni Keanna, she learned from Barney that "SHARING IS FUN, and when you share, you win friends".

May we continue to be blessed and guided by Him above. Have a fruitful & great year ahead everyone!

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gizelle March 16, 2008 at 11:58 PM  

Heya Stef! Again Thanks for sharing this...I never had the chance to do something like this with my kids, to share with others than themselves...Hope I could chat with you and Keanna (kulit) again...one week walang pasok si Alexie sa school so we hope we do see you (webcam) =D. Ingat and thanks!


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