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SAHM for 2 weeks

I promised Keanna that I will personally attend to her and accompany her to school once nakapag LOA ako from work. She cannot forget it, even the dates where I start my 2 week long vacation up to the date where I go back to work. March 23 to April 5, 2008...sarap ng bakasyon pero umpisa pa lang, nakakalula ang list of things to do ko..A week has passed and these are my days at school. I wake up early to take a shower with Keanna, dahil gusto nya kung hindi kami sabay...ako pa rin magpapaligo sa kanya. The first Sunday I took time to finish the Valedictory address for her, printed it and passed last Monday. It was checked by the Director. The first time I accompanied and waited for Keanna the whole time sa school was way back last year when she was in Kinder, nainip ako that time. So, I always have something to read pag may time ako to wait for her at school. But last monday was different. Inihatid kami ni Daddy sa school at iniwan na nya ako to wait for Keanna..hindi ako nainip. Because it was Keanna's 1st day of Graduation practice.

I was a little far kaya medyo malabo yung kuha.Keanna was 3rd,front row from right.
The next day, hindi na kami naihatid ni Daddy but he fetched us and we went straight ahead to Jollibee Sangandaan-T.Sora branch..Daddy gave in sa pangungulit ni Keanna to have lunch there.

On the 3rd day, parang nasanay na rin ako na super tiyaga sa panunuod at paghihintay.. but since Daddy can't fetch us..we decided to go to SM. I bough Keanna a crown tiara, a ring and earrings. She asked me not to buy myself a new blouse na, coz I have something to wear na nga naman on her Graduation day. I told her that I want to look beautiful on that special day coz I will be going up to the stage and there will be plenty of people..she said" kahit hindi ka naman beautiful Mommy, love pa rin kita kaya wag ka na bumili ng blouse blouse dyan"..LOL! And oh, before I forget, that was also the day she first read her valedictory adress..here's the pic..

The fourth day, we were with Daddy again and right after school, we went to Howmart Road (Royal). Mama was there, naglilibang sa pagtitinda ng Halo-Halo..hehe! It was super init that time so we gave in to Keanna's request for a small cup of the cold treat..yum!

And on that Friday, we went home a little late. We have the invites, and the Toga. Our precious daughter was so excited to try her toga and have her hair curled. I agreed to curl her hair to add volume kasi ang liit ng face nya. I have to do it a night before the Grad coz her hair is a total oppposite of mine. Super bagsak at dulas ng hair nya and never did I succeed in curling it to last for hours. She had fever that Friday too, we were a little worried 'coz her temp might soar high, so eto si Mommy, round-the-clock and pagbabantay at on time dapat ang gamot. Kahit matamlay, she agreed to have her hairs curled, maybe because she really wants to see herself in a new do.

Our Saturday was a blast. Total mixed emotions.. I was happy, I was a little angry (not on Keanna), I was worried and I was sad, and was tuliro..haha! Happy for my little girl's achievement. A little angry dahil late si daddy, he came from work pa kasi. =( Worried, dahil super tamlay ni Keanna, though she managed to recite her speech. Sad coz we were expecting to celebrate that day with our (Ronald and mine) HS friends (happens to be Ninongs and Ninangs of Keanna) but they can't come..other friends have works to attenbd to and some have to leave for their provinces. hayzz...Tuliro dahil na rin sa dami ng emotion..haha!

All in all it was a day of celebration.... my girl made it..bye bye Preschool. We just hope that she'll continue her good academic standing up to College (?).. Congrats anak. My first week off work was worth it..I will definitely miss our day-long bonding. Love you anak.



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