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The bracelet serves like a protection against flatulence. Just one of the many old beliefs here in the Philippines.

This is my little baby Roneese.

My 1st entry to


Mellow Yellow Monday



This is actually my first time joining the Mellow Yellow Monday meme.
At the same time, I am campaigning votes for my sweet daughter Keanna. This is our entry in a photo contest here.

This was taken more than a year ago but not everyone knows that this is one of my favorite photos of Keanna. The yellow Hibiscus really added beauty in this photograph.

Hope you can support her by becoming a FAN and LIKE her photo entry.
THANK YOU so much everyone!



Haley Roneese
or simply ROEY just celebrated her 5th month this 27th of March.

As always, the family had something special to eat. LOL!
I cooked Carbonara for everyone in the family to share.
We, Filipinos always make it a point that there's "pancit" or spaghetti in every birthday. I do that every month, honestly! If I can't cook, then we'll have to buy instead. It became a tradition to us even when it was with Ate Keanna.

In her stroller. Excited to be outside.

I've noticed too that she likes looking directly at the camera...
and smiles of course.

I had her lick a slice of an apple and when I took it back she cried.

It was her first time to taste solids. I'm not giving anything yet to her, wanting it to be on her 6th instead. She's an opposite of her big sister. Ate Keanna loves mango and rarely eat apples. But, Roey here I guess will love what I craved for when I was still pregnant of her... Fuji Apples!


Summer Days are Here

Last summer of 2008, I was able to enroll Keanna in a swimming lesson at St. Charbel and was taught by coach Macuha. She has learned the basics but still needs a little more practice on proper breathing. She's requesting to be enrolled again this year but Mommy here is still thinking about it. Hehe!

Last year, we were lucky to have been included in the roster of Madonna & Child models. I was hesitant at first having been 2 months preggy but Keanna successfully convinced me. It was honestly my 1st time but found it exciting. At least, I was able to make her happy, plus walking down the ramp while pregnant is something!!! Haha!

And since it's summer time already, there'll be a lot of these again...

Just last weekend, Keanna & Roey started their summer fun already...

Ate Keanna will definitely enjoy her first summer being a big sister. I am planning on enrolling her at the McDonald's Kiddie Crew Workshop at least before I start with my new job.

Summer Tips:
1. Never ever forget to bring umbrella or a hat when you go outside.
2. Apply sunscreen lotion to prevent skin diseases and wrinkles.
3. Wear light colored clothes with cotton materials.
4. For outdoor activities or out of town trips, don't forget your sunglasses, first aid kits, cellphone (with load,of course), packed food or snacks and extra cash.
5. Drink lots of fluids!

My entry to this week's theme at
mommy moments


Kinder Keanna's 1st Field Trip

It is my first time joining a meme and I'm quite excited about it.
I'm joining Mommy Moments and the theme for this Friday is "Field Trip".
When Keanna was in Kinder, she learned that they'll have a field trip and she was excited for me to accompany her. We went to Batangas and and there found a pretty Butterfly Garden.
Where Keanna had a chance to catch and hold a live butterfly for the first time. And, I'm glad it didn't scare her at all. She was laughing while having a hard time catching one.

It was also a good time to introduce veggies to the kids. I heard Keanna's "WOW!" as we entered the vegetable garden. There, she gamely posed for the cam and of course, I took lots of pictures at that time.

And just before we head back to the next destination here in Manila, we visited another part of the garden. Some kids shouted excitedly but others were scared. Keanna was just quiet so I asked her if she's afraid and when she said "NO!"... I was the one who presented her to their teacher to touch an earthworm. Haha!

As she touched it, she said "ang lamig ng uod, Mommy" (the earthworm is cold Mommy). I didn't dare touch it though haha!

This is my very first entry to
mommy moments


I miss CSI LV

About 4 years ago,I got curious and started watching CSI Las Vegas. Since it is mysterious with a touch of drama, it caught my attention and came to love it. Even my husband Ronald showed interest and would ask me about the characters if he missed an episode or so.
CSI is fast-paced and really interesting. I learned forensic terms and it somehow helped me become more analytic. There are times I feel that I am part of the team gathering evidences and wanting the crime resolved. There were moments that I too, is affected whenever they show women and children as victims.
The cast as well are remarkable. Their leader Gil Grissom (
William Petersen ) is an intelligent and caring person. I love his quotes too. The one I remember and truly believe on is:
"Concentrate on what cannot lie, the evidence."

It has been a while since I last watched the show I came to love. I've heard that Grissom is no longer part of the team, sad. I stopped at Season 6 and I don't think I finished it already. There's something that made me blog about this show, I am thinking of watching it again. I want to know the answers to my many questions. I missing a lot already. I'd go back watching CSI...tomorrow maybe? Haha! It's on its 10th season already.I have 4 seasons to catch up then.



It wasn't too long ago when Keanna was still pretending to be a big sister. She enjoyed playing with her little doll she named Bea and its little puppy she called Madonna. She would gladly prepare milk for Bea and give biscuits to Madonna as well.

Now, I am thankful of her many pretend plays as a toddler. She's learned a lot from it and now big enough to prepare milk for baby Roneese. She's looking forward to helping out in giving solids to her little sister,too. I even heard her say that if ever she decides not to marry or have kids (scared of giving birth), she'll adopt her sister instead. A little different, right? =)
But, I'm worried.
How can she be a protective Ate (big sister) if she's a little weak? Coward?Why?
I have never seen Keanna as terrified as she was few hours back. Or should I say, I once saw and heard her cry like that December of last year. My cousins were here as we were celebrating Ronald's birth anniversary when they thought of showing Keanna a video clip. This clip is one of those where you'll be ask to do something or look for something then a scary image will show up in the end. Everyone ended out laughing 'coz they succeeded in scaring Ate Keanna but I saw something else that scared me. As Keanna hugged me tight and cried, she was trembling. Really scared! And, it took me a while to pacify her and days to make her forget it.Then this afternoon, as she arrived from schoo,l she asked me to open her FB account because her teacher said that there's a video clip of a dancing girl she posted on her wall. I gave in to Keanna's idea since she was excited about it. Then I saw a girl dressed as a ballerina and noticed too that it's a very short clip if the girl is really to dance "Single Ladies". As I was about to finish telling Keanna that it could be a scary video again, the image already appeared. Ate Keanna was dumbfounded for a minute then burst into a loud cry. Rushed to her grandma, away from the computer. She cried so loud that woke up baby Roneese. It happened again, she was trembling in fear. All I can do is give her a glass of water, touch her and talk her off of what happened. Asked her to pray so she can forget it. It worked!
How and when will she overcome it?How can she protect little sister then from silly and scary things like that if she herself can't show bravery? I know I have to explain it to her but I have to wait for her to calm down and for the image to vanish from her memory. It's hard to talk about the topic just about anytime because of "flash back". I can't rush it, it'll definitely take a while.

But, I'm hoping it'll not be a long wait. Because, little sissy is fast growing. And I want her to be one of Roneese's role model.


Sisters...My Life!

You may want to take that double look again. Yes! The babies in the picture are my daughters. Keanna Steffi on the left side has thicker hair and a little smaller than Haley Roneese on the right. I managed to keep that same Powerpuff Girls dress and lucky Roey is still able to wear it. It's a backless dress which is so in time for the summer.

I've been wanting to post this since last week but our PC's USB ports failed me. A lot of people say that Roey is bigger and fairer than Keanna but we can't deny the fact that they have similarities too. While I was in the process of editing Keanna's 4th month pic, my MIL saw me and thought that the baby in the picture was Roey. Haha!

Basically looking at their pictures gives me an inner sense of happiness. Children, even just in pictures does it always. They can easily swipe that sadness or stress away. They make wonders! Indeed, our children are our strength, our joy...
our LIFE!

Look at my kids now...

All I can say is they're my everything!
I love my KIDS!

To my Mommy friends out there, go grab those cameras and post those pics away!


Blessed to have my Mom

I am an only child, lost my Dad since I was 7 years old so who else do I have? I have one of the best Moms in the world. I told her that when I marry I'll tag her along, by hook or by crook my spouse should agree. Good thing that Ronald understands our situation and he too, liked the idea of having my Mama with us to assist me with the kids as well.
It was just recently when my Mama had to arrange some errors in her SSS contributions. As we are all aware of, you have to be early to avoid the long wait. I can't accompany her because I have to attend to Roneese so she went there alone. There, she met senior citizens just like her, older than her in fact. After she reported everything about her contributions, one or two of the other seniors asked her to come with them. They went straight ahead to QC Hall and was given like a privilege card. It was a card they have to present at the cinema every time they watch a movie for free! Yes! FREE! Seniors here in Quezon City and in the nearby cities too are given the privilege of watching movies for free every Mondays and Tuesdays. They can watch any movie they want in it's first screening only. Again, she has to be early.

Yesterday, I asked her to go out, relax and see a movie. She gained a friend after doing so. She told me that Aling Lily is a teacher who was also out alone yesterday. They watched at the Trinoma mall and guess which movie it was? Hmmm...

"I Miss You Like Crazy"

Haha! I envy my Mama. Some 2 weeks ago, she watched "Paano Na Kaya" of Kim and Gerald. I haven't seen a movie for a year or so! But. it's alright! It was only her time off my kids, she deserves it. She deserves all the love we can give her. I really thank GOD for such a loving and understanding Mama HE chose for me. I'm so honored and grateful.

Hope I can join sometime, Mama!


My CVG Life


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